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Why Would A Mom Do This To Her Child?!?

That child looks so scared and confused…

DAMN shame what “parents” have become isn’t it?


Ladies. Please. Stop It With The RATCHET Hairstyles!!!

Definitely not all about the Benjamins… -__-

YouKnowDAMNWell Photos: “Caught Giving Oral”

This picture was sent to me by a visitor of a girl caught red-handed giving oral!

Hoes these days… *smh*

YouKnowDAMNWell Photos: “This Can’t Be Life”

This lady is DEAD AZZ WRONG for trying to make that work…

and got the nerve to be reading a book too… *smh*

YouKnowDAMNWellPhotos: “McNasty!!”

This picture was sent to me by a visitor in Columbus, Ohio.

Now you remember why you stopped eating at McDonald’s?

Have Y’all Seen How UGLY Kat Stacks Is WITHOUT MAKEUP???

Kat Stacks is one of them hoes that should NEVER be without makeup!!!


DAAAMMMNNN this bish is a MESS!!! (>_<)

YouKnowDAMNWell Photos: “The REAL Fail Whale”

I mean…what the hell was he doin?? O_o