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New Studies Show That Black People Are TARGETED For Drug Possession More Than ANY OTHER RACE!

It’s now official; the criminal justice’s drugs policy is biased. In other words, they’re all RACIST!

According to the UK website The Guardian, black people are 6 times more likely to be arrested than white people for drug-related charges and 11 times more likely to go to jail for it. What’s more disturbing is that there’s NO EVIDENCE showing that black people use or deal more drugs than white people…meaning that black people are TARGETED!

For the full article CLICK HERE.

While I’m not surprised, it still bothers me that there’s now OFFICIAL proof of biased and racist activity in our “justice system”…


KanYe West Surprises Brooklyn With A Spectacular Performance!!!

…And I was in the building!

Sunday. 3:00 am. KanYe West.

The night could have only been better if Jay-Z himself made an appearance. What initially started out as a boring Saturday night with my friends turned into the most epic Sunday morning of my life. So far.

After KanYe West premiered his movie Runaway on Vh-1, MTV and BET Saturday night, word on Twitter spread quickly that he’d be performing in Brooklyn later that night.

And the rumors were true!

My friends and I made it to the Brooklyn Bowl in time to catch some performances from various upcoming artists, Wu-Tang, Cyhi Da Prince from G.O.O.D. MUSIC, and KanYe himself! KanYe performed 5 songs from his upcoming album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy:

So Appalled


Devil In A New Dress



…in that order.

The night was truly a night to remember…

…considering that it all started as a rumor. 🙂

Here’s some of what went down. You could see my friend Jason throwing up The Roc sign in the video. 😛

Seriously??!! Black Women Are ANGRY That The DEMON On Kanye West’s Album Cover Is WHITE!!!

…And yet, I’m NOT surprised.

Kanye’s album cover

It seems that black men can’t even FANTASIZE about being with WHITE women without BLACK women feeling “neglected”. I’ve visited many forums around the ‘Net discussing KanYe’s banned album cover and you’d be SURPRISED (or not) how many black women complained about the “white woman” featured on Ye’s album cover. Here are a few of the FOOLISH comments I’ve come across:

>> I want to see Kanye West explain why his fantasy is a WHITE woman and not a BLACK

>> The only thing that I see wrong with this album cover is how he stereotypes white women as angels. If his fantasy isn’t with a black woman, fine. Don’t lie about white women being angels. –

>> What IS it with black men and their obsession with white women? are we not good enough anymore? is there something wrong with us? This album cover is sending a clear message……… –

I wish she explained what that “clear message” is because I’m just…so appalled… O__o

You know, maybe…MAYBE, I can understand why black women get upset over the rappers, actors, athletes and just about every black man in the world’s infatuation with white women…

…But to get upset over a painting?!


By the way, here’s what a BLACK MAN said in reference to the painting:

>> haha every black man fantasy a beer and a white girl –

So not true. I promise.

KanYe Tries TOO HARD To Be Different With His Latest Album Cover. Oh…And Walmart “Chris Browned” Him!!!

The album art to KanYe’s latest album “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy”

*Blinks* Okay seriously, what the f*ck is this sh*t?

That album art just SCREAMS “I’m trying too hard to be different”. Leave it to Kanye to confuse his fans with his lyrics and album art. He calls it being “creative” and we admire it because we think he’s beyond our imagination. I can just imagine KanYe sitting down with an art team thinking of the most random sh*t just so we’d view him as a “genius”.

KanYe describe the “white demon” as “a monster with no arms and a polka dot tail and wings”…but I think it’s Amber Rose.

Oh, and his album has been banned from Walmart.  Apparently KanYe doesn’t care because he tweeted this:

DAMN! Walmart has OFFICIALLY been #KanYeshrugged!! XD

Welp…being banned from Walmart shouldn’t hurt Kanye too bad…






…Oh. -____-

BlackBerry Challenges Apple’s iPad With…The BlackPad. -__-

No, I’m serious.

BlackBerry’s BlackPad (I can see the racial references already…)

BlackBerry phones and Apple’s iPhones are dominating the cellphone market and now BlackBerry has decided to challenge Apple further by introducing the ridiculously named “BlackPad”. Let’s compare the two devices…


7 inches in diagonal                                          

Possibly 2  cameras

Touchscreen  (possible slide-out keyboard)

Limited apps


9.7 inches in diagonal

No cameras


Unlimited apps

I guess just like their phones, it all comes down to who you prefer: Apple or BlackBerry. They both seem to be very capable devices and I’d take whichever one I can get for free. 🙂

YouKnowDAMNWell Photos: Oh NOOO!! Even Teachers Are Getting Ratchet!!!

And just in time for back-to-school.

Come on teacher. You Know DAMN Well you can dress better than that…

And got the nerve to wear a fucking wrap around her head. 😛

RE: Girl Throws 5 Live Puppies Into River

I’m sure you’ve heard about it or seen the video by now. A video hit the Internet about a week ago of a girl throwing 5 live puppies into a river. The video has caused an uproar from animal lovers and activists alike and has become a viral sensation on the Net as the disregard for life the girl displays is unreal. The following photos are clips from the disturbing video…

In the video, she has a bucket of puppies at her feet. She takes them one by one…

…and tosses them into a river.

The girl didn’t even show a single hint of guilt in the video.

For the full video CLICK HERE.

I was initially going to go on a rant about this evil bitch but the guy in the video below took the words RIGHT OUTTA MY MIND! Enjoy! 🙂