BlackBerry Challenges Apple’s iPad With…The BlackPad. -__-

No, I’m serious.

BlackBerry’s BlackPad (I can see the racial references already…)

BlackBerry phones and Apple’s iPhones are dominating the cellphone market and now BlackBerry has decided to challenge Apple further by introducing the ridiculously named “BlackPad”. Let’s compare the two devices…


7 inches in diagonal                                          

Possibly 2  cameras

Touchscreen  (possible slide-out keyboard)

Limited apps


9.7 inches in diagonal

No cameras


Unlimited apps

I guess just like their phones, it all comes down to who you prefer: Apple or BlackBerry. They both seem to be very capable devices and I’d take whichever one I can get for free. 🙂


Is It Just Me Or Has Justin Bieber Been Proving That He’s Into Sistas!

Justin Bieber

It’s no secret that teen sensation Justin Bieber has the ladies as gaga over him as gays are about Lady Gaga.


from what I’ve been seeing…

Bieber really digs the sistas!

Justin Bieber Kisses singer Rihanna on the cheek

Bieber has admitted to crushing on Rihanna…

Justin Bieber and Beyonce (luckiest 16-year-old ever)


Justin Bieber and upcoming artist Nicki Minaj

…and now he’s after Nicki Minaj?

Seems like everybody’s catching this “Bieber fever” that’s been going around lately.

YouKnowDAMNWell Photos: Oh NOOO!! Even Teachers Are Getting Ratchet!!!

And just in time for back-to-school.

Come on teacher. You Know DAMN Well you can dress better than that…

And got the nerve to wear a fucking wrap around her head. 😛

Taylor Swift Disses KanYe West At VMAs In Her New Song! Says He Needs To Grow Up!!!

Taylor Swift

Don’t let Taylor Swift’s innocent looks fool you; this girl is vicious!

Last night at the Video Music Awards, Taylor Swift premiered a new song and in it, she took some blows at KanYe West!

Some of her lines included:

– “You’re still an innocent”

– “But tonight you live it all again”

– “32 and still growing up” (KanYe was 32 at the time he interrupted Taylor at last year’s VMAs)

– “Who you are is not what you did”

– “Today is never too late to be brand new”

– “it’s never too late to get it back”

Wow. Who knew Taylor had it in her?

Though her performance has received mixed reviews as some believed what she did was “uncalled for” while others believed it was a “classy response” to last years incident.

I say…

Taylor’s hot.

Need I say more? 🙂

Watch her performance HERE

RE: Girl Throws 5 Live Puppies Into River

I’m sure you’ve heard about it or seen the video by now. A video hit the Internet about a week ago of a girl throwing 5 live puppies into a river. The video has caused an uproar from animal lovers and activists alike and has become a viral sensation on the Net as the disregard for life the girl displays is unreal. The following photos are clips from the disturbing video…

In the video, she has a bucket of puppies at her feet. She takes them one by one…

…and tosses them into a river.

The girl didn’t even show a single hint of guilt in the video.

For the full video CLICK HERE.

I was initially going to go on a rant about this evil bitch but the guy in the video below took the words RIGHT OUTTA MY MIND! Enjoy! 🙂

YouKnowDAMNWell Photos: “Waffle House”

I probably should have censored all the ratchetness in between huh?


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