Look At The Name Of The Burgers They’re Now Selling In The HOOD!!

I snapped this pic in a BROOKLYN corner store deli. I mean…where else would you find food like this anyway? Definitely NOT in MANHATTAN!!!


This Is How They’re Leaving Messages In Schools Now?!?

The world is getting more and more RATCHET everyday… -__-

Ladies. Please. Stop It With The RATCHET Hairstyles!!!

Definitely not all about the Benjamins… -__-

KanYe Tries TOO HARD To Be Different With His Latest Album Cover. Oh…And Walmart “Chris Browned” Him!!!

The album art to KanYe’s latest album “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy”

*Blinks* Okay seriously, what the f*ck is this sh*t?

That album art just SCREAMS “I’m trying too hard to be different”. Leave it to Kanye to confuse his fans with his lyrics and album art. He calls it being “creative” and we admire it because we think he’s beyond our imagination. I can just imagine KanYe sitting down with an art team thinking of the most random sh*t just so we’d view him as a “genius”.

KanYe describe the “white demon” as “a monster with no arms and a polka dot tail and wings”…but I think it’s Amber Rose.

Oh, and his album has been banned from Walmart.  Apparently KanYe doesn’t care because he tweeted this:

DAMN! Walmart has OFFICIALLY been #KanYeshrugged!! XD

Welp…being banned from Walmart shouldn’t hurt Kanye too bad…






…Oh. -____-

They Shoulda Never Gave Black People YouTube #1

Welcome to my new tag: They Shoulda Never Gave Black People YouTube.

Think what you will but I like it and I’m going to stick with it. If you’re offended by it, simply…don’t read it. O__o

Our first video is about a year old and honestly, it’s the most ratchet homemade video I’ve ever seen. This video also leaves a “hit home” feeling simply because we all know/knew somebody like the woman in this video. -__-

And if you say you don’t, just know that the Lord hears you.

Welp! Here’s the vid.


…And yet…

…I want to meet her! O__o


Extra fun

Pause the video at 0:15 seconds in.

♫ Music Monday: Nicki Minaj – Right Thru Me

Nicki Minaj is one of those artist whose diversity in music can touch any mood. Whether you’re a major hip-hop head or, like me, appreciate the slower melodic R&B music, she has something for all of us. The steady rising melody in the beginning of this song had me at “hello”. And the “How do you do that sh*t” she says during the chorus is captivating. You’ll be hearing it long after the song is over. This is just a beautiful song all around. From beginning to end.

We’ve all had that one person; whether it be a significant other, best friend or  family member, see right through us.


This song get’s an 8.5 from me.

Soulja Boy Tries Auto-Tune In New Song “Blowing Me Kisses”

And it sounds HORRIBLE!!!

Soulja Boy’s “Blowing Me Kisses”

I admit, the chorus is kinda catchy…

but that’s it!!

Speaking of devices with dumb ass names…