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New Studies Show That Black People Are TARGETED For Drug Possession More Than ANY OTHER RACE!

It’s now official; the criminal justice’s drugs policy is biased. In other words, they’re all RACIST!

According to the UK website The Guardian, black people are 6 times more likely to be arrested than white people for drug-related charges and 11 times more likely to go to jail for it. What’s more disturbing is that there’s NO EVIDENCE showing that black people use or deal more drugs than white people…meaning that black people are TARGETED!

For the full article CLICK HERE.

While I’m not surprised, it still bothers me that there’s now OFFICIAL proof of biased and racist activity in our “justice system”…


Topic Post Tuesday: Do You Consider “Sexting” Cheating?

Sexting. It’s a word that’s becoming more viral that it’s even being used in mainstream media today.

Sexting is the act of engaging in sexually explicit text messages with someone. Whether that be a complete stranger or a close friend/associate. Some even consider it a form of phone sex.

But…how much of a serious offense is sexting if it’s done in a relationship?!?

So, today’s Topic Post Tuesday is: Do you consider sexting cheating? If so, how much of a serious offense is sexting while in a relationship to you?

Why Would A Mom Do This To Her Child?!?

That child looks so scared and confused…

DAMN shame what “parents” have become isn’t it?

No Surgery Needed! Look At What They’re Selling In Department Stores Now!!

My how times have changed…

Seriously??!! Black Women Are ANGRY That The DEMON On Kanye West’s Album Cover Is WHITE!!!

…And yet, I’m NOT surprised.

Kanye’s album cover

It seems that black men can’t even FANTASIZE about being with WHITE women without BLACK women feeling “neglected”. I’ve visited many forums around the ‘Net discussing KanYe’s banned album cover and you’d be SURPRISED (or not) how many black women complained about the “white woman” featured on Ye’s album cover. Here are a few of the FOOLISH comments I’ve come across:

>> I want to see Kanye West explain why his fantasy is a WHITE woman and not a BLACK

>> The only thing that I see wrong with this album cover is how he stereotypes white women as angels. If his fantasy isn’t with a black woman, fine. Don’t lie about white women being angels. –

>> What IS it with black men and their obsession with white women? are we not good enough anymore? is there something wrong with us? This album cover is sending a clear message……… –

I wish she explained what that “clear message” is because I’m just…so appalled… O__o

You know, maybe…MAYBE, I can understand why black women get upset over the rappers, actors, athletes and just about every black man in the world’s infatuation with white women…

…But to get upset over a painting?!


By the way, here’s what a BLACK MAN said in reference to the painting:

>> haha every black man fantasy a beer and a white girl –

So not true. I promise.

Look At The Name Of The Burgers They’re Now Selling In The HOOD!!

I snapped this pic in a BROOKLYN corner store deli. I mean…where else would you find food like this anyway? Definitely NOT in MANHATTAN!!!

This Is How They’re Leaving Messages In Schools Now?!?

The world is getting more and more RATCHET everyday… -__-