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KanYe West Surprises Brooklyn With A Spectacular Performance!!!

…And I was in the building!

Sunday. 3:00 am. KanYe West.

The night could have only been better if Jay-Z himself made an appearance. What initially started out as a boring Saturday night with my friends turned into the most epic Sunday morning of my life. So far.

After KanYe West premiered his movie Runaway on Vh-1, MTV and BET Saturday night, word on Twitter spread quickly that he’d be performing in Brooklyn later that night.

And the rumors were true!

My friends and I made it to the Brooklyn Bowl in time to catch some performances from various upcoming artists, Wu-Tang, Cyhi Da Prince from G.O.O.D. MUSIC, and KanYe himself! KanYe performed 5 songs from his upcoming album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy:

So Appalled


Devil In A New Dress



…in that order.

The night was truly a night to remember…

…considering that it all started as a rumor. 🙂

Here’s some of what went down. You could see my friend Jason throwing up The Roc sign in the video. 😛


♫ Music Monday: Nicki Minaj – Right Thru Me

Nicki Minaj is one of those artist whose diversity in music can touch any mood. Whether you’re a major hip-hop head or, like me, appreciate the slower melodic R&B music, she has something for all of us. The steady rising melody in the beginning of this song had me at “hello”. And the “How do you do that sh*t” she says during the chorus is captivating. You’ll be hearing it long after the song is over. This is just a beautiful song all around. From beginning to end.

We’ve all had that one person; whether it be a significant other, best friend or  family member, see right through us.


This song get’s an 8.5 from me.

YouKnowDAMNWell Photos: “Waffle House”

I probably should have censored all the ratchetness in between huh?


I want to apologize for being away for so long. I’m still busy with my second project and I really do appreciate your support. While away though, surprisingly, more people subscribed to my blog. Not only that, I’ve been getting more Suggested By You and Reader Mail. When I see the support, it motivates me to do better. Remember, I’ve been blogging for less than a year and I’m still learning and finding my spot on the ‘Net. And while I’ve come a long way, I still have a long way to go…

Thanks! 🙂


Re: “And The ‘Nice Guy’ Continues To Finish Last. Why Are Females Attracted To ‘Bad Boys'”?

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This post is based on an e-mail I received from a reader. (Just so you know, you can send me e-mails about whatever whenever you want @ The e-mail was a response to my post “And The “Nice Guy’ Continues To Finish Last. Why Are Females Attracted To ‘Bad Boys'”?

Here’s what the reader sent (Of course I asked for approval before posting):

I’m so tired of the good girl, bad boy mix. I don’t understand how beautiful, seemingly smart women fall for such jerks who have nothing goin 4 themselves. My last relationship ended because my gf rather be with a jerk! I get filled with anger when i think about how she betrayed me. Now i just don’t care anymore. i just care when their bad boys start hitting them and abusing them and then they start crying for someone like us good guys to help them out of their relationship. that is why i never make friends with those type of girls and i have become the man i never thought id be. im not looking for a relationship anymore because the pain was too much. i used to scold my friends because they sleep around with girls and break up with them. now it doesn’t seem like such a bad idea. i hate feeling this way but i dont wanna go thru that ever again. -Alex

What a mouthful Alex! You make some very valid points, but, at the same time, you sound like you are still quite young. I know what you been through wasn’t easy and the hurt has obviously misguided you when it comes to how you treat women. Though you are doing more harm to yourself by remaining in the state your ex has left you in….

Try venting to someone that you TRUST. I personally find that the best way to deal with a lot of personal issues–it worked for me in a similar situation to what you are going through now. As I confessed to one of my closest friends the affliction I was dealing with, he then vented to me how he felt when it happened to him! And for a split-second, there was no pain. No hurt. No…anything! Just a friend who was going through the same thing I was going through. I didn’t plan to tell my personal story, but I’m trying to be to you what my friend was to me. I know it helps to hear that you are not alone. Yes it hurts–like hell! But I promise, over time, you’ll get over it. I know because I’ve been there. Hope I helped.

– Jamel Terain Wilkins

Dear Journal: Entry # 2

Last night, one of my co-workers hit me with some knowledge…and it didn’t hurt.

He was going through some personal issues with someone he’s associated with and told me that you can be the nicest person in the world and still make enemies because of ENVY.

In my best MoNique voice ever:


I know this all too well! I always found it funny how I don’t bother anybody and keep to myself, yet still make a few enemies–not that they matter.

We live in a world where it’s hard to make (and keep) true friends and easy to make enemies…

…which is especially difficult for me because…


I’m addicted to doing me!

….*Pause* (-__-)

Jamel Terain Wilkins

Dear Journal: Entry # 1

They say Mondays are hard…

For me, it isn’t hard because of school or work…

…but fear of not being heard.

Every Monday I wake up thinking the same damn thing: “This week, I promise!”

Every week I continue to break the promise I made myself because I’d rather go hang out with my friends or play video games. I make excuses that there’s just not enough time. I blame it on going to the gym. I blame it on blogging. But one thing I fail to do is blame it on myself…and for that, I am guilty.

Mondays are also hard because with it, we lose the refuge of the weekend and return to reality.

And sometimes…

when it comes to facing reality or staying in bed…

…we’d rather stay in bed.

Jamel Terain Wilkins