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New Studies Show That Black People Are TARGETED For Drug Possession More Than ANY OTHER RACE!

It’s now official; the criminal justice’s drugs policy is biased. In other words, they’re all RACIST!

According to the UK website The Guardian, black people are 6 times more likely to be arrested than white people for drug-related charges and 11 times more likely to go to jail for it. What’s more disturbing is that there’s NO EVIDENCE showing that black people use or deal more drugs than white people…meaning that black people are TARGETED!

For the full article CLICK HERE.

While I’m not surprised, it still bothers me that there’s now OFFICIAL proof of biased and racist activity in our “justice system”…


RE: Girl Throws 5 Live Puppies Into River

I’m sure you’ve heard about it or seen the video by now. A video hit the Internet about a week ago of a girl throwing 5 live puppies into a river. The video has caused an uproar from animal lovers and activists alike and has become a viral sensation on the Net as the disregard for life the girl displays is unreal. The following photos are clips from the disturbing video…

In the video, she has a bucket of puppies at her feet. She takes them one by one…

…and tosses them into a river.

The girl didn’t even show a single hint of guilt in the video.

For the full video CLICK HERE.

I was initially going to go on a rant about this evil bitch but the guy in the video below took the words RIGHT OUTTA MY MIND! Enjoy! 🙂

Well-Known Blog Site Caught In A LIE!!! is a well-known blog site that I’ve been visiting for some time now. I throw no shade at and I’m an avid visitor to the site…but DAMN they can LIE!!! got ahold of this photo (Warning: graphic photo).

That photo is of a 15-year-old Guyana boy who was SENSELESSLY tortured while in police custody. I did my research and here’s the proof!!

Graphic photo of tortured teen makes front cover of popular Guyana newspaper

But according to, it was of a cheating man who was burned with “scalding oil” by his girlfriend while he was asleep. Their story here.

Damn Must have been a slow news day if you gotta make up lies like that to get views. I don’t get NEARLY as many views as you guys…but at least I’m not lying to the visitors that I do have (and appreciate).

You guys better be careful before your credibility (or what’s left of it) is lost…

Are You Serious?!?!? 15-Year-Old Kills His Mother’s Baby Daddy…For CUTTING THE CABLE OFF!!!

This whole situation was a mess from the get-go…

15-year-old Adruis Ovalles (left) with his mom Wanda Rodriguez (middle) and the baby daddy Albert Hartzog (right)

Okay, let me break it down for y’all: Adruis never liked his moms’ baby daddy Albert. Albert didn’t like Adruis’ freeloading off of his paychecks. And the mom is caught in the middle trying to hold on to them both.


Sounds all too familiar in modern society.

Anyway, Adruis was known as a “troublemaker” and was recently released from a juvenile detention for robbery. He and Hartzog was known to go at it with each other according to neighbors.

Sounds about right. Two males. Different mindsets. There will be bumping of the heads.

While Adruis was away for three days straight last week, Hartzog decided to turn the cable off…and that’s when things got MESSIER!!

When the Bronx teen found out that Hartzog turned the cable off, he plunged a kitchen knife into his chest three times, killing him and all while his mother begged him to stop.

The teen was arrested and charged with murder among other charges.

If the story couldn’t get any worse….

Hartzog and Rodriguez’s one-month-old newborn son

It just did…

>> Full story here

WTF?!? Atlanta Man Keeps Gun In Stove…Decides To Cook…And It Goes OFF!!!

Why oh WHY would you keep your gun in your STOVE!?!?!?

Antoine Boutte, the guy that decided it was a good idea to keep his gun in his stove, forgot it was there when he and a friend, Christopher Henderson, decided to cook some food early this morning.

Antoine fired up his stove around 3:30 AM, heating up his .40 caliber along with it. The magazine began to melt in the gun, causing the spring and bullets to come out of the magazine, hitting Christopher in the stomach.

Luckily for Chris, he’s in stable condition.

That would have been some way to go huh?

Shot by a stove.

*chuckle* 🙂

>> Full story here.

Wooow! What A Sneaky Bish!!! Mother Pulls Gun From Daughter’s Stroller And Shoots At Baby Daddy!!!

Vanessa Marty pulls a gun from her daughter’s carriage and tried to kill her baby daddy!

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The woman above is charged with trying to MURDER the father of her two children RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEM because she found out about his JUMPOFF!

The craziness took place inside the father’s home while she was visiting when he got a phone call and she SUSPECTED that it was the JUMPOFF! She grabs the phone and began asking who was on the phone before she started cursing and yelling. He snatched the phone away and took it into a bedroom and that’s when she decided it was time to finish him.

Fortunately for him, not only was she bad at aiming but the gun jammed as she used the wrong ammo for the type of gun. Vanessa walked out of the home but was found a short time later and charged with several crimes including endangering the welfare of a child.


Man Killed By Family Because He Wanted To Watch The World Cup!!!

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I’ve learned that a man was killed by his family…because he was dying (too soon?) to watch the World Cup.

The South African man was beaten to death by his wife and two children because they wanted to watch a gospel program but he refused to change the channel. The family literally jumped him and beat him to death (accidentally?) and has been taking into custody.

>> Full story here