New Studies Show That Black People Are TARGETED For Drug Possession More Than ANY OTHER RACE!

It’s now official; the criminal justice’s drugs policy is biased. In other words, they’re all RACIST!

According to the UK website The Guardian, black people are 6 times more likely to be arrested than white people for drug-related charges and 11 times more likely to go to jail for it. What’s more disturbing is that there’s NO EVIDENCE showing that black people use or deal more drugs than white people…meaning that black people are TARGETED!

For the full article CLICK HERE.

While I’m not surprised, it still bothers me that there’s now OFFICIAL proof of biased and racist activity in our “justice system”…

  1. Honestly, I’m not surprised at all.

    • Star
    • November 10th, 2010

    Ijust found this site through the ratchet ass Mo and her spamming site

    This is funny, factual, and intelligent all at once.

    You have a new fan!! Keep going!

  2. In other words

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    • Anonymous
    • October 31st, 2011

    why did she stop making posst

    • Liz
    • November 2nd, 2011

    This doesn”t surprise me @ all considering racism will alwys exist.

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