Seriously??!! Black Women Are ANGRY That The DEMON On Kanye West’s Album Cover Is WHITE!!!

…And yet, I’m NOT surprised.

Kanye’s album cover

It seems that black men can’t even FANTASIZE about being with WHITE women without BLACK women feeling “neglected”. I’ve visited many forums around the ‘Net discussing KanYe’s banned album cover and you’d be SURPRISED (or not) how many black women complained about the “white woman” featured on Ye’s album cover. Here are a few of the FOOLISH comments I’ve come across:

>> I want to see Kanye West explain why his fantasy is a WHITE woman and not a BLACK

>> The only thing that I see wrong with this album cover is how he stereotypes white women as angels. If his fantasy isn’t with a black woman, fine. Don’t lie about white women being angels. –

>> What IS it with black men and their obsession with white women? are we not good enough anymore? is there something wrong with us? This album cover is sending a clear message……… –

I wish she explained what that “clear message” is because I’m just…so appalled… O__o

You know, maybe…MAYBE, I can understand why black women get upset over the rappers, actors, athletes and just about every black man in the world’s infatuation with white women…

…But to get upset over a painting?!


By the way, here’s what a BLACK MAN said in reference to the painting:

>> haha every black man fantasy a beer and a white girl –

So not true. I promise.

    • Honey
    • October 21st, 2010

    Damn that’s crazy i didn’t even look at that I just say the pic and said that’s dumb.But he’s dumb so why get mad it’s stupid and ugly

      • Anonymous
      • October 21st, 2010


  1. I agree Jamel, this chicks need to relax and just see the album art for what it is: a big #FAIL!

    • Gizelle
    • November 6th, 2010

    Fuck Black men, get a white man…and have a shit load of babies for him! Treat him like a King, and leave these insecure ass self-hating Black men alone. White men and men from other cultures treat Black women this way “fantasizing” about them. Fuck outta here. I’m one nigga away from never dealing with a nigga again. And I mean nigga in theeeeee worst way possible.

    • Jamie
    • November 25th, 2010

    I second Gizelle!

  2. You know, maybe…MAYBE, I can understand why black women get upset over the rappers, actors, athletes and just about every black man in the world’s infatuation with white women…

  3. I just want to say that I am tired of the Race thing too. I am married to a white man and ppl act like they have seen a two headed giraffe with a blue penis when they see us especially me….Its like they are surprised that number 1 I am very sexy and good looking, 2 we are both good looking and 3 we look GREAT together…I bet somehow they wouldn’t care if I was ugly lol or he was rich but I guess I am wrong about that too. Well…the moral of this story is ….NO ONE is happy and everyone is IGNORANT when it comes to mixed couples or relationships…
    I tried to find a black and white couple of a cake topper…finding one is literally like looking for a needle in a hay stack. I found Chinese and black where the female was Chinese, white or even Indian but not black lol AND I found a few and i mean a FEW black and white ones but its always the guy is black lol. So we plan to use a artistic cake topper when we redo our wedding… no ppl ..smh

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