Is It Just Me Or Has Justin Bieber Been Proving That He’s Into Sistas!

Justin Bieber

It’s no secret that teen sensation Justin Bieber has the ladies as gaga over him as gays are about Lady Gaga.


from what I’ve been seeing…

Bieber really digs the sistas!

Justin Bieber Kisses singer Rihanna on the cheek

Bieber has admitted to crushing on Rihanna…

Justin Bieber and Beyonce (luckiest 16-year-old ever)


Justin Bieber and upcoming artist Nicki Minaj

…and now he’s after Nicki Minaj?

Seems like everybody’s catching this “Bieber fever” that’s been going around lately.

    • J-Juice
    • September 17th, 2010

    I can’t blame him for getting some attention from all of them! Who knows, maybe we will see some future collabos with Biebs and these ladies 🙂 I would most certainly like to hear a JB & Bey song or a JB & Nicki track.

  1. JB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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