Well-Known Blog Site Caught In A LIE!!!

MediaTakeOut.com is a well-known blog site that I’ve been visiting for some time now. I throw no shade at MediaTakeOut.com and I’m an avid visitor to the site…but DAMN they can LIE!!!

MediaTakeOut.com got ahold of this photo (Warning: graphic photo).

That photo is of a 15-year-old Guyana boy who was SENSELESSLY tortured while in police custody. I did my research and here’s the proof!!

Graphic photo of tortured teen makes front cover of popular Guyana newspaper

But according to MediaTakeOut.com, it was of a cheating man who was burned with “scalding oil” by his girlfriend while he was asleep. Their story here.

Damn MediaTakeOut.com. Must have been a slow news day if you gotta make up lies like that to get views. I don’t get NEARLY as many views as you guys…but at least I’m not lying to the visitors that I do have (and appreciate).

You guys better be careful before your credibility (or what’s left of it) is lost…

    • youknowdamnwelliknow
    • August 8th, 2010

    Hey,I remember when MTO posted that torture stroy on their site a while back. MTO reminds me of the girls on highschool who got off startin stuff by spreading lies! I truly believe they are profiting off of sladerous stories. Thanx Jamel for bringing that to everyones attention!!!

    • August 18th, 2010


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