Is It Me Or Does The Hit Show “The Boondocks” Seem To Be Setting Black People Back?

The hit animated TV show The Boondocks seem to be taking advantage of how ignorant some black people can be. Why must our degradation be our entertainment? This is a shame because I used to love The Boondocks. What many people don’t know is that The Boondocks started out as a comic strip. One that I enjoyed before the coonery became part of it’s success.

Boondocks comic strip. The humor is still there the without the “b*tch n*ggas.”

Apparently, to get black people to watch an animated cartoon with morals and enlightenment  (because there are some episodes with quality insight), the word “n*gga” must be thrown all over the cartoon. A great example of such an insightful and symbolic episode is episode 3 of The Boondocks season 3, “The Red Ball”. So far, that episode was my favorite this season. It didn’t have the words “n*gga” thrown all over it. It didn’t mock successful black men/women. It didn’t mock Jesus. And yet, “we” thought it was boring. The storyline was a symbolic one that depicted America’s debt to China, through a kickball game. That’s the Boondocks I remember. That’s the Boondocks I grew up reading in the comic section every Sunday morning.

Last night’s episode was labeled “Fried Chicken Flu”. The episode was pure nonsense. But for black people (and white people, I’m sure), it was seen as entertainment. On Twitter, it became the number one WORLDWIDE trending topic:

“Fried Chicken Flu” became the number one Worldwide Trending Topic on Twitter

Like most episodes of The Boondocks, it left Twitter with a Trending Topic that can only be seen as a mockery. The saddest part about it is that “WE” got it up there. And once we got it up there, it stayed because of insults like this one:

With the Fried Chicken Flu Trending Topic came MANY insults like this one

Let us see what @ItsJonnnyJ thought about Fried Chicken Flu being a Trending Topic:

Fried chicken flu?! That is going to be a lot of sick black people!

With a topic like “Fried Chicken Flu”, who didn’t see that one coming? I am unaffected by this–I mean, how upset can we be that he’s “participating” in a Trending Topic that “WE” created?

Although, we didn’t really need his help. If there’s one good thing black people is good at…

it’s degrading ourselves. 🙂

    • August 18th, 2010


    • thomasr
    • September 8th, 2010

    the best clip of boondocks was “nigga moment” series… lol so true.

    • Anonymous
    • October 19th, 2010

    Um…no. People interpret things and bring them into their own little realities. So we end up getting all sorts of crazy twitter trending topics and whatever. The show itself is just a phenomenon that has caught on since it first aired. What’s bringing Black people back is BET. Let’s talk about THAT for a minute.

  1. don’t know is that The Boondocks

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