Re: “Black Women Intimidated by White Women??”

One of the most rewarding elements about my blog is reading the comments from my readers. You guys provide me with so much insight I can’t help but feel grateful for you as a visitor.

My latest Reader Mail comes from someone who goes by the name “funny stuff” and had this to say about my post “Black Women Intimidated by White Women??”

funny stuff:

ROFL is this a joke?

Black women intimidated by white women? (Let’s be honest, most white women that black men are with aren’t hot and are fat or trashy) There’s no need for black women or white men to care…white women and black men have the HIGHEST divorce rates and I dont know ANY black female that care; they’re starting to date white guys anyway. LOL!

We all know white guys can get the prettiest black girls (it’s a shame we can’t say the same for vice versa)..and hollywood? Lets think about it: they get the white women who LOOK GOOD because it’s HOLLYWOOD and they have money..but yet, how many of those relationships ended up successful? (I’ll give you an hour to think about that)…black guys get trashy white women even if they MAKE IT..look at Kim Kardashian (no white man will call THAT his girlfriend after that sex tape. A black man will though), look at KENDRA! She was a PLAYBOY SLUT (fit for a black man) and not to mention HEIDI KLUM (yes, the supermodel)…her crime? she got with seal AFTER her fall from GRACE as a supermodel not to mention she was DUMPED by a white male and his child and now Seal has to pick her up LMAO.

I think black men use the whole ‘black women get angry’ thing as an EXCUSE to make themseleves feel better..i have NEVER EVER heard black women complain unless they’re PAID TO (on tv shows etc) or maybe the ghetto ones will complain but the rest wont. =P i know i probably hurt a few egos…but a white woman with a black man dosent do NOTHING to a black woman (especially if she can get other races of men) i mean…who wants a thug anyway and be left single right after? LMAO

Lets be honest…when it comes to selecting HOLLYWOOD ROYALTY out of successful black men..there isnt much to choose from. Only rappers and athletes. LMAO…however, when BLACK WOMEN date out..they’re heading for the TOP..look at OBAMA (he is mixed race, whether you like it or not) and he’s with a BLACK FEMALE..look at the billionaire who makes NORTONS ANTI VIRUS products. He’s a white man with a BLACK WOMAN, look at the directors etc not to mention the FIRST ROYAL INTERRACIAL MARRIAGE in the European dynasty (a white prince and black princess) how funny?…so these black rapper guys arent ROYALTY and being an athlete- gold digging-whore is nothing compared to being a WHITE MANS PRINCESS.  lmao..its about QUALITY not QUANTITY(we all know black mens boast is based on quantity) ROFL

Well DAMN! Black females take notes…

apparently dating rappers and athletes or BLACK MEN IN GENERAL is setting yourself up for failure.

I mean, why be an “athlete’s gold-digging-whore” when you can be a “WHITE MANS PRINCESS”?

Thanks for the insight “funny stuff”. I appreciate it.

    • Mz Jazzie e
    • July 10th, 2010

    Dang!! Lil’ mama went in! Lol.

    Don’t she know that gold-diggers come in all shapes, sizes and colors.

    • Corey
    • July 10th, 2010

    I never understood why females idolizes rappers and athletes. get yourself a REAL man with a REAL job! smh

    • PauL3
    • July 10th, 2010

    i don’t understand why ANY woman would want to date broke,wife-beatin’,drug dealing wannabe rapper black guys. I can show you ladies a good time. i have money cause im white 😉

      • keisha
      • July 11th, 2010

      wow paul3 , really ?. u jus made urself look like an ass on the website who would wanna date u . pls boy go figure out some better pick up lines & stopp trying to ‘ bag ‘ on a website !.

    • Mikendra
    • July 11th, 2010

    I dont mean this to be rude but black man seem to aspire to get white women its a status thing, and it seems when black men do go for white women they seem to hold up light skinned black women in a better light than darker skin women. I think black women can say they don’t care, but they try to perm/str8n/weave their hair to appear more white. Comment on good hair as being more european. I also think when a white man goes out with a black women he does it becaus he has a thing for “black” women and he would probably take on any ol’ black woman. I think mix raced women are the best type of women for looks and personality. And another thing why do black women always seems to take their status from the man their with?

    • Mikendra
    • July 11th, 2010

    iand i liked the way you said half black marriages to white women end in divorce, i ind it funny that you did’nt comment on how many black womens marriages end in divorce i think youl find thats because hardly any black women end up getting married. Lol rofl Michele Obama paid Barracks way through college lol he would have had to have had some money in he 1st place to get a white women. He’l do a Bill Clinton soon enough! Wait and see x

    • DG
    • April 10th, 2011

    Well DAMN! Black females take notes…

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