Suggested By YOU! “Bow Wow Sex Video!!!”

A reader (who wanted to remain anonymous) sent me this video of rapper Bow Wow in a sex scene. I will not be posting the video on my site but I saw the video and it appears that it was once hosted at And YES, Bow Wow really IS engaging in “softcore” porn in the video!!

Take a look at the video for yourself…

(WARNING: NSFW!!!) Bow Wow’s Sex Video HERE!!!


My friend (who’s ALSO a reader) notified me that the scene was from the hit sitcom Entourage and is kinda old…

Ah well, it was new to me and hopefully new to some of you guys.

Besides, it WAS suggested by YOU!!

  1.,for,a,while,,,! give ya face a rest.. this,a,wow.. !thanks forreadin,,>!

  2. Hurray! Hurray!

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