Going Too Far?!?! Lady Gaga Wants To Perform On Stage…With DEAD PEOPLE!!!

We all know that Lady Gaga is an…”unique” individual. She never cease to amaze the public with her bizarre behavior and outrageous outfits. But now the “Paparazzi” superstar wants to perform on stage with DEAD PEOPLE!!

That’s right.

She wants to bring death to the stage by including dead bodies in an upcoming show. And you know what? It JUST MIGHT HAPPEN!!!

Lady Gaga is currently talking with a well-known scientist, Gunther Von Hagens, famous for his Body Worlds. They are discussing ways to use his knowledge in her Monster Ball Tour. She personally contacted the mad scientist to help her create the set for her shows in Las Vegas next year….

I’m going crazy just imagining how the set is supposed to look!

Lady Gaga, I know you want to be…”different”, but sometimes crossing the line means going over the edge…

Still, she’s following me on Twitter which is AWESOME!!! XD

    • sara
    • July 4th, 2010

    OMG she’s so creative, I would’ve never thought about that 🙂 go lady gaga.. shit, I gotta get the tickets for this, it’ll be historical, i won’t miss it for the world!


  2. OH My lady gaga!!!

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