This Has Got To Be One Of The Dumbest Products I’ve Ever Seen In My Life…

Has it really come to the point FAKE CIGARETTES had to be produced for smokers without self-control?! (O_o)

This is disgusting; not only are we STILL promoting cigarettes and smoking, we’re teaching our youths that it’s okay to take the alternative. Why should they get their diploma when they can just go get their G.E.D. right?

I can’t really put up much of an argument as I don’t know how addicting smoking cigarettes is (and at $1.25 a pack, these might sell well!)…


it’s a lot easier to beat the addiction if you’ve NEVER TRIED IT!

^ #AboveTheInfluence

  1. ….ya learn someting very day.. two,thumbs up ,shout to , OUR,GULF,LEGEND,SIR,sir TIGURE,WOODS,, who,is,ROCKING THE BRISTICH,OPENING,, thanks forreadin..!

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