Anti-rape Condoms. Did It REALLY Have To Come To This…?

Ya know…it’s a real shame it had to come to this–anti-rape condoms!!

This is how an anti-rape condom looks. It’s sharp edges are supposed to…um…yeah. (>_<)

Now condoms protect you from sexually transmitted diseases…AND unwanted sex!!!

I mean  seriously, how are these supposed to be ADVERTISED…let alone SOLD!

Anti-rape condoms are a…nice gesture, but I can’t help but think it’s a bad idea.


Because rape shouldn’t be something women have to adapt to!

I just can’t see women going into a Walmart and purchasing anti-rape condoms. Just the thought of that day nearing freaks me out.


I don’t see this anti-rape condom doing much for the female being raped at gun-point.


  1. I think this condom was designed in mind for those women living in areas where getting rape is apart of daily life, like in Darfur where genocide is still happening.

    It’s sad to think about an invention like this being marketed, but some places are like the pits of hell compared to your worst day in America.


  3. I can’t help but think it’s a bad idea.

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