Girl Less Than 15-Years-Old to Kat Stacks: “You’re my ROLE MODEL. When I Turn 15, I Want To Be Just Like You!”

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Yesterday as I sat in a Starbucks in Brooklyn, NY, a young woman entered. She looked alluring in her yellow and white summer dress. Then I noticed her daughter stumbling in behind her.

The little one, wearing face paint, walked in carrying her mom’s Coach bag, struggling with the weight of its contents. The mom offered to carry it but her little one adamantly refused.

I took a sip of my iced coffee to merge with the crowded shop and opened up the writing software on my netbook and began doing what I do best…

I noticed how the little girl tried to keep her steps in sync with her mother’s. I noticed how her dress somewhat mimicked her mother’s. I noticed how she rarely took her eyes off her mother, the woman she no doubt looks up to the most in this world. Her role model…

One thing that could be guaranteed is that this little girl will never look up to somebody like Kat Stacks because she idolizes her mom.


It could be for a number of reasons. It could be because her mom let her carry her purse. It could be because her mom let her wear face paint. It could even be because she thinks her mom is the prettiest woman she’s ever met.

But one reason I can’t help but tie to the fact that she idolizes her mom so much is the fact that–simply put–her mom is there…

Moms–or shall I say “good” moms–are transparent today and young girls turn to people like Kat Stacks to look up to.


Because she’s there.

She sees her videos on popular websites. She’s following her on Twitter. And now she wants to follow in her footsteps…

A young girl, not even 15-years-old, reached out to Kat via Twitter:

Young girl admits that Kat Stacks is her “role model”

It reads:

@ihatekatstacks your my fckn role model when iturn 15 ima be lke u

That means that she’d be 15-years-old with a son. That means she’s be 15-years-old bragging about bedding over 20 men. That means that she’d be 15-years-old without a future….

Katherine Stacks admitted herself that she’s the way she is today because of the streets…

Kat Stacks admits that she once aspired to be a lawyer before the streets caught up with her

It reads:

When I was young I wanted to be a lawyer but the streets caught up with me first. #WatchYourKids

“Watch your kids”.

Yeah right…

they just don’t make parents like they used to.

    • Chariel
    • June 29th, 2010

    good read

    • Lu
    • October 17th, 2010

    Its so true about girls looking up to doubtful role models because they are ‘there’.
    Maybe if many mothers would get their ducks in a row both financially, spiritually, emotionally, and physically, their daughters (and sons!) would respect and idolize them as all children should. So many parents today are neglectful not only of their children but themselves as well, on the levels I mentioned. Or maybe they pay attention to only money, or looks, or what-have-you, and there is no balance.

    People need to stop making babies left and right if they can’t be a real parent, and can’t teach by EXAMPLE. Otherwise, celebritants like Kat Stacks, Paris Hilton and the like are going to be what our young aspire to.

    • DG
    • April 10th, 2011

    list 1

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