Why Are Black Fathers Absent?

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You ever heard the “joke” about the black woman and the stork?

They say that the stork mythology is true for black women since they’re commonly known to raise their children alone…

For somebody who grew up without his dad (or mom) there for most of his childhood, it’s awkward to write this post; I feel like I’m exposing my dad along with the rest of the fathers that could have been there a bit more…

Why is it that black men are known for abandoning their children? Is it because, like committing criminal acts, going to jail and every other “black statistic”…it’s true?

Lemme say something: I have a lot of friends–NONE of them BLACK. We ALL grew up without our dads…

Yet, the world knows that my dad wasn’t there with one look at my skin color…

I guess to understand why black fathers are usually absent, you must first understand why so many black men end up making wrong decisions which usually holds consequences of jail time…

The answer to why black fathers are absent could be based on an entirely different question:

Why are there so many black men in prison?

Just look at “black statistics”:

Committing crimes > jail time > absent father

Notice the pattern?

Yours Truly,

– Jamel T. Wilkins

    • hulagurl
    • July 3rd, 2010

    Don’t commit a crime = no prision

    Use a condom = no baby

  1. Whenever I hear about these so-called statistics, I always feel the need to challenge what these statistics are based on. I don’t believe everything I read, and with good reason. I believe we are only told what we “need” to know for whatever reason(s).

    Some households who have the father present may be worse than a father who isn’t there. You hear all the time about domestic violence and sexual abuse occurring in two-parent homes-not saying this ALWAYS happens to EVERY two-parent home, but no example is better than a bad example if you ask me.

  2. Yet, the world knows that my dad wasn’t there with one look at my skin color

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