Kim Kardashian Uses Justin Bieber’s Popularity For Attention

It’s no secret that Kim Kardashian is the biggest fame whore in Hollywood and her latest scream for attention comes through teen sensation superstar Justin Bieber…

Kim and Justin in the Bahamas over the weekend…

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Kim and Justin spent the weekend in the Bahamas over the weekend and she made sure everybody knew about it through Twitter as she posted photos of the two of them together, causing an uproar from “Beliebers” and, of course, receiving death threats…again!

One of the many death threats against Kim Kardashian

It reads:

@KimKardashian if you touch a finger to Justin I’ll kill you b*tch! Find your place and get man of his age pedophilia disgusting!

A bit confusing at the end but we all get what the she’s trying to say. I don’t blame Justin’s fans for being angry–Kim was RELENTLESS with the photos as she used him for attention. While many of them taken down by now, the most notorious one remains:

Kim Kardashian playing in Justin’s hair; “every ‘Beliebers’ dream”

This is the photo that’s going to get Kim killed. Remember, I said that.

Even Usher had to come to Kim’s defense with the death threats:

Usher’s response to Kim’s death threats

It reads:

Guys please don’t make death threats to @KimKardashian …Biebs and her ARE NOT dating so relax :] They’re just friends.

  1. She is making herself look questionable-surprised Beiber’s mom didn’t have anything to say about this…..

  2. This is the photo

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