Still No Hope For Chris Brown?

I believe even Chris Brown himself is beginning to doubt the day he’s once again seen as just Chris Brown–the boy next door.

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Chris Brown recently tweeted:

U ever feel like the storm clouds are too thick for any sunshine to get through?

With tweets like that, you gotta wonder where it’s all coming from.

I believe that the remaining Chris Brown fans are there out of sympathy while the ladder has moved on. And with artist like Justin Bieber taking the spotlight, Brown is becoming less and less relevant. I mean, I do feel bad for the kid…

Unfortunately for him…

…not all mistakes are created equal.

I’m sorry Chris but…

  1. His time isnt up until God says his time is up…..I wouldnt be surprised if Rihanna’s friends in secret society places is trying to ruin him….just like their doing to dmx and any other artist that has crossed them in the past. #ThatIsAll I think he should write records and stay to himself for awhile. Give the people time to miss him.

  2. I have to agree, especially after reading about him being banned from the UK that his time really is up.

    What a shame too, all that talent gone to waste….

    • Shit
    • June 10th, 2010

    Chris Brown’s Career was OVER THE VERY SECOND he raised his Fists. Theres just No coming back from that. Hes done. If hes to ever make comeback he would have to do a complete 180 & put out real music & hes not going to do that, His taste in music is horrible.

  3. I believe that the remaining Chris Brown

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