Kat Stacks Haters Try To POISON Her!!!

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This is what Kat Stacks tweeted after she was almost poisoned. It reads:

Sh*t getting serious people trynna kill me now and sh*t

Miss Katherine Stacks should stop it with the videos and talkin’ reckless for a while before somebody really does kill her…

Stacks was at a Burger King when a few of the fry cooks noticed her and tried to poison her food but ended up poisoning her bodyguard’s food instead…

It reads:

Groupie workers at Burger king tried to poison me but put it in the wrong food they poison my bodyguard instead

Her bodyguard was taken to the hospital where the poison was sucked out of him and is now in stable condition.

Kat Stacks is a skinny chick…if she would have been the one poisoned, there’s a chance she wouldn’t have made it…

  1. the one poisoned

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