No “Good” Black Men?

It’s kind of hard to argue with the post title as the media doesn’t exactly portray black men in a light that shines. But even worse than that is the fact that we don’t contradict the claim….

We cheat. We’re victims of unemployment because we have a record. We produce single mothers because we can’t man up. If we’re not in the streets, we’re in jail… apparently we have nothing going for ourselves…

and yet…

there are plenty of black men (myself included) that is nothing like what I’ve listed above. Overlooked!

You know what I find most interesting about the “no ‘good’ black men” claim? How black women choose to single black men out. Example, if it were a white woman, she’d simply say “there are no good men” as apposed to “there are no good white men”.

The more effective question is “why I refuse to look for a ‘good’ black man”…

Just something to think about the next time you ask yourself why you always end up single…

And then there are the sisters that love to set themselves up. No man is good enough for her, ESPECIALLY black men. They put themselves on these pedestals and expect us to climb it just to kiss their feet and deal with their nasty ass attitudes.

Look, you can get off the damn pedestal, stop thinking every man you meet is going to match your demanding standards and shut the hell up about what you have! You can get this and that but you can’t get a damn man!?!? Goes to show you, what you have can’t always give you what you want huh?

You can’t find a man good enough for you?


…climb your ass back up that pedestal and keep wondering why you up there by yourself. It’s really simple.

Here are what others thought about the topic “No ‘Good’ Black Men”

– Stay away from women who say that! They’re the type who doesn’t WANT to find a “good black man” or a “good man” period. They’re just looking for someone to blame for them being bitter and single. – Via Yahoo Answers

– There are plenty good black men. If you want one, you’ll find one. – Via Yahoo Answers

– These women aren’t looking for men. They’re looking for male-accessories that they can show off to their female friends. I know they don’t need any man’s money if they have the education and good jobs already. They only want men with good jobs and education for decoration like Christmas ornaments. If I had a good job and education I wouldn’t want any part of that poppet show. – Via YouTube

– I still have standards but they are not super high anymore. Looks are secondary to me now. I value personality more than I do looks. – Via YouTube

    • Golden$tar
    • May 7th, 2010

    Listen ALL black men are not the same any more than ALL black women are the same……Everything is a matter of personal preference, environment, life experience, so on and so forth…….With that said, these posts are becoming irksome because it seems like you are not trying to open up dailogue, but instead justify some narrow view point or stir up the pot….If a white woman is what you want….go for it, but it would be nice that it wasnt done in the context of bashing black women….ladies I feel the same way….If you want a white man, do you…but this back and forth black man vs black woman pettiness we do amongst ourselves to justify personal decisions we make is very weak…..Jamel, I am really questioning your agenda with these topics as of late, but hey bruh at the end of the day, do what makes you happy, go where you are loved I encourage all to do the same male or female but lets stop making these sweeping stereotypical generalizations about each other in the process…….Im done

  1. WOW Jamal! You’re going pretty hard, but I can understand your position here.

    I consider myself an equal opportunity lover-I’m attracted to one’s character, not their racial background. What kills me though as a black female, that if I date outside my race I get the side eye from black men.

    It’s all about being on people, and if we as a people can’t get past these dumb ass notions of what makes a “good” black man and/or a “bad” black woman, then we will never evolve.

    • Chariel
    • May 9th, 2010

    Jamel, I’m starting to wonder about your stance in regard to these topice. Do you have self hate? You must, because these topice are almost critically damaging to Black men and women. Are you even a Black man or are you using a Black mans photo? is this even a Black media forum?

    • DG
    • April 10th, 2011

    You can’t find a man good enough for you?

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