Is It True? Kat Stacks Was Molested By Her Dad As A Child!!!

I just received a report that Kat Stacks may have been molested by her dad at a young age!! The report came from a reader. The reader says that when he was 20-years-old, he and Kat used to get it in!! He goes on to say that Kat was a dirty FREAK and was good at what she does.

Here’s what the reader sent:

DUDE, i remember when i was like 20, i used to fuck that girl, shes a nasty ass freak, i always heard that her dad was fucking her as a kid or some shit like that lol. well, idk, the bitch knows how to suck d*ck and take a d*ck. dirty ass hoe. and you know what? she loves being a dirty c*m guzzler, she loves being a slut, and there aint nothing wrong with that. I got to fuck dat ass and it was great. not gonna lie, some of the best p*ssy i ever had.. whats up kat?

Wow…Okay. Thanks for the info bro, I appreciate it…


THIS is some of the best you ever HAD!?!? –>> Kat Stacks’ stuff (Viewer discretion advised)

Let’s say this IS true and Kat WAS molested as a child, can you see how it would ’cause her to act the way she’s acting today? I’m not gonna lie–it doesn’t sound that unbelievable to me…

    • Tasheika Chatman
    • April 24th, 2010

    Ewwww that is so for any man 2 do that 2 is daughter

    • Jhandi
    • April 25th, 2010

    WTF? I don’t know which is most offensive. The allegation of fraternal molestation or the allegation of her being the owner of that vagina in the photo…

  1. Sad sad sad…….incest is the worst form of sexual abuse.

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