Black Women Insecure As To “Why Black Men…” “Prefer” White Women

The Google Search toolbar is a very interesting one as it completes the top 10 searches after you’ve entered a phrase.

Example, visit and enter the phrase “youknow” in the search bar. You’ll see that is the third best website starting with “youknow” in less than six months and I thank you for that.

My next experiment was with”why black men” and 70% of the searches were related to black men dating outside of their race, particularly white women…

From top to bottom:

why black men love white women

why black men like white women

why black men cheat (the media isn’t helping us with this one fellas)

why black men don’t date black women (really? we don’t?)

why black men date white women

why black men prefer white women

why black men don’t marry (i think it’s time to move on sista…)

why black men date outside their race (i don’t know…maybe it was initial attraction? jeez…)

why black men don’t go to church (blasphemy!)

why black men love asian women (first time i heard that)

Couldn’t you just feel the huge sense of insecurity coming from those questions? Apparently, many women are feeling like Jill Scott and I’m not understanding why. I asked this question before: why are black women so intimidated by white women? The ladies told me that this was untrue. I took your word for it ladies but the Google test don’t lie! What’s going on sistas…?



…that’s a lot.

Here are some comments I’ve found on the ‘Net relating to this subjects:

– Fortunately, black men owe black women absolutely nothing. It’s a free world. Bottom line, you are what you are, so deal with it. –Via

– I’m a 30 year old black man married to a white woman. For 3 years we been together and its real love. I used to respect Jill Scott, now she can eat a d*ck.  I hope im pissin her off and anyone like her HI HATERS. How she gon’ speak on someone else? At first, I thought she had a beautiful spirit, now she just another angry black woman. I’m just as picky wit obese women. Her hair looks like somone shat down the side of her face. -Via

– Black women are mad because other men are not into them that much, that is why you really don’t see black women with other men as much lol.I heard stories of how bad black women act,and why the black men date out so much smh.

It is bad when their own men don’t like them and so many are single,and they have not too many options.She sounds like another bitter black women crying because black men don’t like them and date outside their race. (TEAR) (TEAR) (TEAR)  -Via

– And you assume that this is how all Black women behave? The actions of individuals do not represent an entire race, they represent the people engaging in them. Are there some Black women in the world who have nasty dispositions and prefer thugs, of course. But aren’t there people with all kinds of personalities in every race? -Via

    • Chariel
    • April 13th, 2010

    I’m a black woman married to a black man. Where I live I haven’t seen black men openly state that they want a white woman but I have heard them state that they want a latina. From my understanding, because I asked, its because they want children with “good hair”…as trivial as that sounds. But there are a multitude of other factors and possibilities including a willie lynch mentality. I don’t feel that black women are intimidated by white women in fact that’s unfair to say. Simply put theres a shortage of good black men and those good ones want to go outside of the 13% of african americans in the US to find love…one case only

    • April 19th, 2010

    You are also assuming that all the people who pose this question are black women. It may suprise you, but many black women I know dont sit around pondering why some black men date white women, because they simply dont care or have other things to do. Also, there is a steady rise in black women dating either non-american black men or men of other races and nationalities. Personally, when I see it I think its sad, not for black women so much but for the white women who are the latest “victims” of many black mens bullshit…If white women want to put up with chronic unemployment, baby daddyism, whorishness, felony records, no self respect etc.etc…..and just general dysfunction that some black men hand out…well more power to them they can have them!!! LMAO!!!

    • chariel
    • April 20th, 2010

    a great and valid point golden$tar

    • Jhandi
    • April 20th, 2010

    Can’t speak for all black women but…as a black woman I have been approached by Asians, Latinos and white men. My preference is black men. And, I am not the least bit insecure about black men dating white women. However, I am miffed when it comes to black men who thrive off of the perceived “attention” they receive when dating outside of their race. Go figure…

    • Tiffany
    • April 21st, 2010

    First of all for some reason i doubt majority of the people that search this are black. Second i dont care if a black man date a white women if that is his PREFERENCE! i hate when they shit on us. black men you are not a day at the beach your damn self, you can be rude and obnoxious in the streets callin all girls bitches and all you want to do is F*ck. So altogether black people we have to do better. I do have a problem with black women hating on interracial dating &etc, why are you so concern why wont you yourself date outside of your race? Black men are not the only men on the face of this planet. I am a black women pissed at ignorant black men and the black women that pay them any mind

    • Oh Dear
    • May 9th, 2010

    I just don’t like black men. I don’t like the way they look or dress or behave. I don’t like the way they smell, speak, walk, or this ridiculous obsession with something called “swagger”. I don’t like big lips on a man either, too feminine. I don’t have a desire to be abused mentally or physically which pretty much cancels out black men. Nothing about a black man is masculine to me. He couldn’t protect his family 400 years ago what good is he now. He’s a minstrel show of little virtue and I am repulsed by them. He blame everyone for hi failures and wants to be coddled. Basically black men are a disgrace and the sooner they breed themselves out, the better.

    • okay
    • May 14th, 2010

    Yall so funny especaily the guy who talked about jill scott funny but that lady is not bitter I mean go places then post comments black guys donot like white women and black women don’t care nothing about white women and our own men don’t want us how that sounds I mean come on are you serious you sound ignorant well they sure don’t want white women like she said a latina but to me dats rarely yall must be round some whips I don’t believe the phrase black men get famous and go with another race of women that’s just who they talk about so people can think that I don’t know but they never talk about a all black couple don’t know why and I’m shock someone on here talk bad about black men but I think big lips are sexy and lips are lips as long as they have them lol the only ones that do are black women and the bad comments on black women are black men I will never wonder why a race talk about each other I mean if he’s this then you as a female aint all that and if she’s this then you as a male aint all that and that goes for every race talk about another race not the same people u came out of and grew up with that’s a dummy for real I quote “Black women are 42% single and sucessful” “More of them are in college” But I cannot talk about the race of men because I’m part of that race it would not make sense I cannot even be with the man of my dreams so I’m not as all that as it looks and white women get all this stuff done to there bodies and where a lot of makeup and I don’t hear white men voices at all and its been years I’m not talking about white women but yall can do a lot and yall men don’t say nothing some of yall are just like black women bossy don’t hear it. Black women wear weave and dats all and you would think they bought a new face. I’m playing but weave aint shit to me. Hair itself is just hair. Black women I hear yall talking about black men not all but y a race does this. I don’t hear nothing about mexicans, asians, chinese, latinas ect just the smae old black and white. America is a melting pot where the other races. Maybe they don’t tend to foolishness like a real American and I’m a real so Hi guys I’m on here what’s up oh yeah is this the same race that was one calling each other brother or sister now its like “brother, I don’t know you and we don’t have the same mom” the only race that did that the devil have his torches but we should stop this I know its interesting because I read it because people lie so much and is so concern about the black women complaints and suffer I’m being sarcastic I see this a lot

  1. Im not looking for nobody, just giving an examgle. Im a single black 26 yr old woman, that who dont have any kids. Im a working hard female, that who are going to school and i have my own apartment. The funny thing is, im single! Why? Is i dont know. Im mean, i weigh about 120lbs, brown skin and long real black hair with brown eyes. I workout! People say that im a really nice pretty girl. I tried to date a white guy once, but he just wanted sex, just like a black man are any men. The thing that i dont like: is when black men say that we black women are bitter and we are too ghetto. And what hurt me, is when they get famous and trying to act all brand new on us black women. We black women put up with too much from our men. And trust me, im tried of all of it. I just hope that black men can wrakeup and realize that we black women are not trying to bring them down.

    • Insecurity
    • November 23rd, 2010
    • DG
    • April 10th, 2011

    you are what you are, so deal with it. -Via

  2. Muggs hella nasty on this mother fucka……mugs need to get a life and grow the fuck up and stop doing stupid chyt and be a roll modle for theez teenagers now daiiiz datz y daii act the way they do today kuz wat the c theez adults doing so they feel that they wanna do it to…….nasty i think that this website should be shut down because itz a bhad influence…….

  3. Ahl And yahh females ned to get yahh realatin ship togetha cause if a man ant doing you rite leave him let him kno that you not planing with him…..make him jelous to the point werr you know he gone do rite
    and wen you feel he doing rite than thats wen you take full control of the relationship

  4. What a frankly amazing writing

  5. Above all, a well written blog post

  6. i am black man and really intrested in white girl i dont know why but i feel that blackwoman have high sense that i cant deal with, i tried to date buti field cuz i couldnt treat her sense as well,
    finally blackwomen need spacial treatment they are special and more senseteve women on the planet
    “sorry for Bad language”

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