More Than A Riot…

Easter Sunday. Usually a holiday spent with loved ones celebrating the resurrection of Jesus. Unfortunately for those of us who didn’t have proper religious upbringing–or proper upbringing period–it would be spent rioting with guns in Times Square, New York City….

Fifty-six teens were arrested or given summonses after hundreds of  thugs and gang members rioted Times Square last Sunday. The above  photo in particular is kind of hard to look at as the ignorance shown is painful and very sad. These teens are sealing their fate with this capture in what they’re probably thinking is “cool”. This photo was placed in the New York Daily News and subtitled with:

“Their Parent Must Be So Proud Of Them!”

That was a bold statement that could be looked at some kind of way. In any case, their parental guidance were most likely weak.  How these teens got their hands on guns or why they were roaming Times Square so late at night is beyond me. But the bigger question is: would good parenting allow it to get that far? I’ve been reading comments on the topic and some of the ones that stood out were:


More beautiful contributions to society by single mothers. -Via NY Daily News

Blame the good-for-nothing parents that “raised” them -Via NY Daily News

Most people seem to agree that it’s the parent’s responsibility to keep their children out of trouble. This is an interesting topic and a whole new post that we shall explore tomorrow.

What do you guys think of this?

Oh and how surprising is that in just about every photo taken of the riot, the suspects are all black? Are we victims of “white media”…or were we just the majority of the crime?

Here are a few of the racist comments left on the NY Daily News’ website:

What a surprise they’re black!!! Now they’re gonna cry about how the cops mistreated them! -Via NY Daily News

Makes me wish we still had lynchings. These are thugs and scum nothing more. Hang em and hang em high! -Via NY Daily News

Black people cannot cry racism when they are this bad. No one likes people like this. No one wants to live with people like this. No one cares about people like this. You can disappear tomorrow and no one would care! -Via NY Daily News

*smh* At those comments. People like them is what’s holding us back…

…and at the same time, we have to do better my people…to move forward. #ForReal.

    • Big O
    • April 9th, 2010

    Im Puerto Rican from Harlem and I can honestly say that this isn’t suprising. I have cousins and friends that feel like they have to do these things b/c they are “in the jungle” and don’t want to be regarded as cowards. I don’t feel like they are victims of “white media” because if they wouldn’t have behaved so foolishly, they wouldn’t have been in the news. I have since moved to TX and it’s the same here in their hoods. It seems to me the standards of a lot of young people have been to be mediocre at best. It bothers me because I work hard 5 days a week and go to school so my daughter can have a better life. My friends and some family are still over on 103rd st on lexington or 3rd ave hustling and getting nowhere in life. You have to want better for yourself to get out of the gutter, if you don’t, you just fall in place and allow the media to make us ALL look bad.

  1. @Big O:

    I totally agree w/ u! I like u work full time, go to school, and raise two kids. I’m not complaining about any of it, but unlike some of these “settle for less” types, I have realized that when u want something out of life then u have to put work in.

    It is sad to see generations of kids falling to the waste side over a jaded image of what it takes to be looked at as worthy or of value. I do blame the parents though, because it starts at home. If mom and dad are losers then odds are they’ll breed and raise losers. That may be harsh, bit it’s true.

    My mom grew up in rough areas, but her will and determination has guided her down the road of success, w/o the help of either parents. The rest of her living siblings fall under that mediocre or sub-par lifestyle.

    I just hope and wish that people will wake up and realize there is more to life then having some stupid ass street cred.

    To answer the question pertaining to white media, I do believe there is a combination of the white media and people making themselves look bad. Individuals must take responsibility for their actions, but the media should be unbiased in news reporting as well. You don’t hear much about white children doing crazy stuff like this unless it’s on local news, which isn’t right, because they are capable of doing insane things as well. But minorities do tend to set themselves up by playing into these century old stereotypes.

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