Kat Stacks Visit My Website After My Post About Her!

Apparently Kat Stacks found my website and read my blog post about her. But she wouldn’t be the first “celeb” (and I use that term VERY loosely with her) to visit my site. Reagan Gomez (Google her if you must) and the non-funny “comedian” Kevin Hart also explored my blog.

Yesterday, my post about her generated more views than usual and I tweeted it. She ReTweeted to all of her 6,000 followers as kind of a “promotion”. It didn’t bother me as exposure is exposure…

Hey Stacks, if you’re reading this, thanks. 🙂

…Ho. 😛

    • Miss_Cheekz
    • March 26th, 2010

    Yes the term “celebrity” is used VERY loosely with her!! Sucking off Bow Wow & messing with Jae Millz, who doesn’t even have an album out (bt Very great freestyler I might add), does NOT make her a celebrity it just makes her ANOTHER Industry Hoe bc ppl aren’t gonna be looking at the knowledge in her brains but instead their gonna be trying to get sum brain smh!! Females plzzz lets treat our body as temple’s & watch how u give it away so frely & loosely bc doing that only shows that u have no positive self-esteem whatsoever & if u don’t care then why should the next give a d**n abt u?

  1. DEAD @ the last word at the end..
    shame on you 😛

  2. I reading this:D

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