Why Are Black People Offended By What They See On Screen If It’s Just A Reflection Of Everyday Life For MOST?

Congratulations to MoNique for her Oscar win and for representing us beautifully last night, but being the black people that we are, you know damn well we STILL have something to say:

“Why black people only win Oscars for negative roles?”

That was the question after MoNique’s win. You know, it’s amazing how unsatisfied black people can get. If MoNique wouldn’t have won the Oscar, there’d have been a riot and the race card would have STILL been pulled! The following question is a whole new post, but, why are black people so hard to satisfy?


MoNique played a black mom on welfare while struggling to raise a daughter as a single parent…right? OH MY GOD!! What were they thinking with THAT scenario?! It’s UNHEARD OF!!

Gimme a break guys. That life is a reality for many and if it’s such a “negative” role, why do you continue to play it? The ones most offended by the “negative” role are the ones seeing themselves on that screen and feeling exposed. Not as a person, but as a race! So instead of doing something about it (or at least trying) they pull the race card for peace of mind. What they don’t realize is that by pulling the race card, they’re PUSHing the race further down the road of hopelessness.

Pulling the race card in this situation is just the easy way out. You already took the easy way out of life, why not take the easy way out of the harsh criticism that follows…?

    • Screwed Priorities
    • March 8th, 2010

    First of all, in relevance to the topic of this post, I would like stay that whomever said that life imitates art was not lying!
    I have never understood this issue that my people have myself. However, I cannot help but agree with you as I have noticed that those who bicker either the most if not the loudest about this as an issue being addressed are actually displaying an admission of guilt or anger that their lifestyles, character, or lack thereof, have been exposed for all to see prompting them to go into damage control to validate who they are and how they are different from the image(s) projected by the media — even if it is in the form of a motion picture when they are in fact one in the damn same.
    The race card has yet to go out of style when it comes to this. Unfortunately, it is nothing but an excuse to perpetuate a problem that most have yet to come to terms with in order to work on solutions. With that in mind, there comes a time to decipher fact from fiction, validity from fallacy and there, the race card really does not carry motherfucking weight and can be totally irrelevant to the issue at hand. It becomes a matter of looking at the man in the mirror and making the necessary changes if he/she don’t like what the hell he/she sees. Race card?! I think not.
    However, as long as the media allows people, especially mine, to have an escapism to combat a real problem, such as ‘this hidden issue’ *that became a media expose’ for many* being addressed before their very eyes, there will never be a solution suitable enough for those who find themselves in this role to accept putting them in a category of being never satisfied and yes, somewhat hopeless because of.
    Good Post!

  1. *stay* mean say..sorry for the typo

    • LOL
    • March 8th, 2010

    & Some PPL Believe that in order for a Blk Person to win an Oscar or to get any kind of praise they have to play a Ignorant character, Or a Slave or anything UN-Flattering to the BLK Community when thats just Not True. Its about Playing something opposite from yourself like for instance for Taraji P Henson(Not sure how to spell it), She was already playing Ignorant/slave like Characters but as soon as she crossed over in Benjamen Button playing a loving mother, thats when she got Nominated for an Oscar… Or when Beyonce went from being the Nice Character to playing a Bitch in Cadilac Records- Thats when she got any real praise. That’s what it Takes.

    • Miss_Cheekz
    • March 9th, 2010

    Anyone questioning why she Got an Oscar (Negative role or Not) Must haven’t seen the movie Precious! And if you did see it then #YOUKNOWDAMNWELL that Monique did her effin Thing!!!!! I’ve seen plenty of ppl play mothers on Welfare bt u can’t even Compare not one of those Ppl to Monique….That Sista Killed It!! Nw Halle winning an Oscar for Monster’s ball I still question but Monique….OMG…That sista really deserved it & if you don’t think she did deserve it then name someone that was in her category that did……..I’m waiting……………………..

    • The Admiral
    • March 9th, 2010

    Its called acting… The best actor make you believe they are the person they are portraying..If your mad at this movie, protest that inganorant Freak Nik cartoon they got out..or Tiny and Toya…or “2010 is Mines” Fantasia..we throw stones at the sucessful and are ashamed at our true reflection..

    • miss birdsong
    • March 9th, 2010

    The way you summed up Mary in Precious is NOT who she was. She was a mnster of a mother and a mentally disturbed mother also. Anyway, theere is some truth to the roles that get awarded by Oscar. Denzel was passed over for Malcolm X and Hurricane but did win one for training Day as a crooked cop. His previous win for for a slave.

    Halle Berry won for playing a bad mother and a white man’s love toy.

    Whoopi Goldberg was passed over for palying Celie in the Color Purple; a wom,an who triumphs over sexa buse and 10,000 other things but won for playing a fake , loud mouthed psychic.

    Taraji Henson didn’t hust play a loving mother but a mammy character to a white boy.old man

    Viola Davis was nominated for paying a desparate black mother willing to scarifice the sexual well being of her child to a white priest’s alleged sexual interest in him. She played a backward thinking, trrapped balck woman trapped in abuse and fear.

    This is not to say that these actors don’t play the hell out of the roles buut there is a trend to the nods the Academy gives. Look at Sidney Poitier’s role in Lillies of the Feild and Hattie McDanile in Gone with the wind; I mean there is a trend.
    I take nothing from Moniques portrayal at all. She along with others played fabulous roles. But there seems to be a thread that connects wins and some losses.

    Lastly,Sandra Bullock did not have the strongest role this year. Shge played a magic cracker role (as I calla them) who saved the life of a poor balck boy and taught his the elements of football. Sheesh!

      • doom
      • April 28th, 2010

      you are absolutely correct on all points… but the oscars is created by whites so….. what can one expect? we flock to the oscar and give it validation and shun our own award ceremonies like they are worthless

    • ojjey
    • March 10th, 2010

    FINALLY someone says SOMETHING about this whole race card bullshyt……..i’m so sick and tired of of hearing that mess over and over again…..all yall peoples need to wake the hell up and stop this nonsense victim crap…..its getting old….seriously…..im black but i dont yell out “muthafucka,u just racsist….” for dumb mess like tht….ugh!!
    stop whining,try to change it….now i got a question…HOW MANY HISTORIC FACE PLANTS WILL IT TAKE FOR MY POEPLE TO GET THAT ITS NOT ALL ABOUT YOUR COLOR and some try until you pull that damn card…..cuz i gotta admit some of yall got some bad ass adittudes pushing the limits of ignorance…..reinforcing the idea that we are just lazy ass,dumb porchmonkeys….. but why do we wanna stay in our little box??outside is a better world….

    • Jhandi
    • March 12th, 2010

    The Academy has also come under criticism for having a bias towards certain types of performances and film genres. The Best Picture prize has never been given to a film noir, science fiction or an animated film; and rarely are horror, fantasy, comedy and westerns recognized by AMPAS.

    In the case of Precious, the root of the problem is with the actors who accept these perceived negative roles. Should these actors be held accountable for their lack if social responsibility?

    • miss birdsong
    • March 15th, 2010

    I don’t think that The actors in Precious did anything negative. It was a difficult but grippingly honest story of a certain aspect of life. Balck or white. The story was /is not unique to Black folj. I have more of a problem with roles that hve negative stereotypes that are gratuitious and offensive. I found the Precious movie a story of redemption despite the horror of the story.

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