Nicki Minaj…I Hate You…

I love your music…but I hate the fact that you have every girl running around calling themselves “Barbie”!

When did it become okay for a 25-year-old woman to call herself “Barbie” anyway…

I don’t care how you do it Nicki…end this trend!


What do you guys think about the Barbie trend? I’ve noticed many females referring to themselves as “Barbie killers” or “Barbie roasters”. I guess they hate it as much as I do…

    • Mz Jazzie e
    • February 26th, 2010

    OMG! I can’t STAND girls that call themselves that! its actually kinda degrading IMO.

    • MelG
    • February 26th, 2010

    All I’m saying is that most girls that call temselves that aren’t all that attractive.
    you actually like minaj music??

    • ItsMack
    • February 26th, 2010

    it’ll fade just like any other.

  1. The worst is when the girls look like precious calling themselves Barbie.

    • Miss_Cheekz
    • February 26th, 2010

    Totally agree wt u on this…..Nicki Minaj is just a trend right nw that will sonn fade away 7 it’s sad that so many young women (& old) look up to her! {Barbie-a brand of doll infamous for depicting a “too perfect” woman} We all know barbies are fake & no one is perfect so stop trying to be a fake liveless piece of plastic & be ourselve’s!! Ladies stop feeding into the Hype plz! We will follow something like this in a heart beat bt when it comes to following/doing something to better ourselve’s….Where are we??

    • The Admiral
    • February 26th, 2010

    I’m suprised you like her music..I can take a verse here and there…but not a whole song….She just perpetuatin the self hate that runs rampant in our communties…You know damn well no sisters really need ass injections and fake cheeks…This new world is really fake..

    • Jhandi
    • February 27th, 2010

    I am not feeling any woman who images herself after a “mindless” and “mute” doll. Maybe the Mattel Toy company will come out with “Hip Hop Ho Barbie”.

    And I wonder why Mattell of infringement of its Barbie trademarkmindless and mute doll. And

    • Trellz
    • February 27th, 2010

    this video just sums it up

    • ojjey
    • February 28th, 2010

    i remember when i was younger…(im 16,so not too long ago)….
    if someone called you a barbie,it ment the called you a

    self absorbed,fake,slutty,good for nothing,here for decoration(french experssion…lol),all i wanna do is fuck ken,get a pre-nup as fast as possible,gimme my child support,mindless,puppet-like,fantasy you’ll never get to live,dumb,rich,white whore…..

    i guess its a good thing in these times….whatever you’re into yall fellaz out there….no one judging….
    im just saying…..

    • ojjey
    • February 28th, 2010

    by the way fellaz….
    if yall regret after,just remember you CHOSE to be with barbie….so make sure you got a list after that pre-nup…

  2. It’s crazy how “celebs” (and I use the term loosely) can come up with any off the wall thing and sheep just flock to it like it’s the best thing since sliced bread.

    I mean, really?

    You’re comparing yourself to a thing made out of plastic with no brain..and you’re proud of that?

    Guess the days of folks thinking for themselves are dead and gone with the dinosaurs..

  3. Like many of you have said (indirectly or directly) Barbie is a poor example for a BLACK woman to look up to-people must forget or not know that when Barbie first came on the scene, it was JUST BARBIE-no Teresa (Hispanic) until ’88, no Christie (Black) until ’68.

    Anyway, I like Nicki too, but she is plastic like Barbie, so perhaps that’s why she identifies herself with that particular persona.

    • tiffany
    • March 15th, 2010

    The babrbie thing I do hear she uses because she is fake. Fake books breast and I hear she a lil plastic surgery done to her face. She molded herself into the perfect chick in a lot of men (mostly black) eyes light skinned thick hips booty,big breast with a slim belly and arms. It is was society does expect. I like nicki but the barbie movement is not 4 me personally I never looked up to any one just reached 4 my own goals n a lot of girls need to do that bcuz they more then likely look up to the wrong person. I’m tired though of seeing every young chick wit the same weave C’mon Son!

      • K
      • July 18th, 2010

      She does not have no damn plastic surgery she said so..don’t be hatin cuz she fine unlike u

        • lilkimallday
        • October 27th, 2010

        umm yes she did have plastic surgery. and she admitted it. but who cares.

    • sharnia vaughans
    • March 29th, 2010

    i lyke nicki alot bt i dnt use tha barbie thing bt ima bad bi*** sounds alot betta

    • isistheblogger
    • April 2nd, 2010

    All I have to say is Kim did it first, lol.

    “Black Barbie dressed in Bulgari, I’m trying to leave in somebodies Ferrari”

    Honestly, I don’t get the Barbie thing. Barbie is an unrealistic idea of womanhood that could not support her own body weigh if she were a real woman. I don’t know why people idolize that symbol of female “empowerment.” I don’t support or participate in the Barbie movement.

    • BlahblahblahFU
    • June 24th, 2010

    Its the most stupidest shitttt I ever heard…… Its freaking annoying and retarded just like the person who brought the image to existence. Nicki Mi’NOT will fall off, she’s freaking obnoxious.

      • K
      • July 18th, 2010

      U motherfucker Nicki is the damn shit so fuck and Nicki MINAJ IS REAL AS HELL SO GO FUCK OFF SOME WHERE BITCH I DONT LIK HATER SO GO TO HELL

    • K
    • July 18th, 2010

    WTF u damn bitch or bastard Nicki minaj is the shit don’t be hatin because y ain’t a Barbie I mean she looks lik a Barbie and she’s hot as hell so why u hate her anyone can be what they wannabe so wth I mean lik get a life and do u oh and everyone don’t the same damn ass thing

  4. Nicki is really gettin popular but the barbie thng is not good cuz lil kids look up 2 her .and K she did hav surgery she addmited it so get it straight and fuk all you people who defending the barbie thing you probably a hoe juss like her hahaha go sign boob and take pics plastics!!!!!!!!

  5. Nicki was better without da juicy booty and boobies she is kind pretty though but neva alright

    • kayla
    • August 20th, 2010

    If alL of you hate her so much then why are you commeting on her and giving your reviews and adding on to this. i dont understand.. i personally love her and if a girl wants to call herself a barbie the oh well who cares. if you dont like it the you dont do it then. stop hating because shes the in thing right now and be quiet about this stuff.

    • Alyssa
    • September 19th, 2010

    I personally think that she shouldn’t have gotten surgey on her boobs and butt cuz that just means she’s FAKE!!!

    • Tiffanyp
    • November 27th, 2010

    I dnt think there is anything wrong with a girl or woman calling themselves a barbie. It’s better than Bitch. I love Trina but I dnt see anybody complaining about the baddest bitch label. All those anti-barbie haters find something better to do wit ur time. Peace im out the real world is calling…

    • Mariah D
    • December 3rd, 2010


    • Mike
    • December 30th, 2010

    I hate this biatch with a passion. Whenever a decent song comes on her voice is like nails on a chalk board it goes right through me. I wish she would never be on a song again. If a song is cool when her part comes on it goes off immediately god I wish someone would crush her larynx with a 2×4.

    • Nick
    • February 24th, 2011

    I hate her for the simple fact that when I was working with her at Red Lobster,she behaved like a horrible monster,she made it a really unhappy work experience,she was always cursing people out ,and she did not like to work at all,so if you had to be her station partner you would end up doing all the work,she had the manager who was a total piece of shit anyway,in her back pocket.Everyone knew she was blowing him in the back office, it was gross. I just did not get it all ,I thought she was pretty and cute even though she wore some kind of cheap weave/wig why she was such a mean bitch to everyone.She could get really loud and mean,I think people were afraid to speak up to her.we were all happy when the manager was forced to fire her,after she ran out into the parking lot to give the finger to a customer who gave her the tip she deserved. Some of actually cheered. good for here making it though,really I am serious, maybe her good fortune will make her a better person. or less cruel,but kinda doubt.honestly she was one of the nastiest people I have ever known.

  6. I don’t care how you do it !!!

    • Claire
    • April 13th, 2011

    FUCK ALL YOU HATERS. your not any better then ther starting hating pages about her.. why would u even waste your time doing this thats just worthless your not getting anything out of this.. and first of all , yes nicki minaj cant rap. thats why shes famous? id like to hear your rap better than nicki minaj . seriously. and why would EMINEM .. the best rapper write a song with her? and why would lil wayne make her famous? hmm.. maybe because she is a good rapper and she can sing and she does have talent. shes a good person. and all you people who think your getting something out of this and think that your accomplishing something by creating this page and liking it , well lets just say your not any better than nicki minaj. “shout out to my haters , sorry that you couldnt faze me.”

    • ArielTheBarbie16
    • April 24th, 2011

    All Girls Who Hate on nicki minaj && us barbies are MAD bc we look WAY BETTERRR than yall.

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