Chris Brown’s “Invinted Head”…


I’ma need these artist to stop “inventing” sh*t. Hopefully, Chris’ version of Trey’s hit is the last one.

    • Miss_Cheekz
    • February 23rd, 2010

    Not only was that song a bummer bt so was the whole album!! lol. I downloaded it & immediately deleted it thereafter!! Invented Sex was/is a great invented Head?? sorry bt the title even sounds lame…lacks enthusiasm!!

    • ojjey
    • February 28th, 2010

    he probably was….that shyt sucked radioactive monkey ballz….so,he wasent blowin on kush,huh….lmfbao!!!
    ole boi….i like you in a way dat you aint a fake azz niggah….unlike some(aka retarded azz kanye lookin like niggaz…)crawl ws a good song i’ll admit….but this,….

    someone should open a portal to hell n throw that shyt deep inside…lol
    keep bloggin ole boi…
    ps:KH dont deserve attention,u do….stay on da grind

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