What Makes A “Hoodrat”?

More than once, I’ve been asked by females: “What makes a “hoodrat”? Nine times out of ten, a female who has to ask is a hoodrat…

Actually no, I take that back. I don’t want to offend the classy girls that’s just curious. I was just speakin’ from experience. Usually when a girl asks me what a “hoodrat” is, she fits the behavior and description…

First, I want to say that the term “hoodrat” is usually exclusive to black and Hispanic women. I don’t want to offend but that’s how “society” called it out. Let’s be real–even if you ARE offended, you know damn well it’s true! I might as well get it out the way… USUALLY when you think of a “hoodrat”, the first thing that comes to mind is a black female right? Then that’s where you’re mistaken because if you’re a black man like myself, you just called your mom a “hoodrat”…

A “hoodrat” is not just ANY black (or Hispanic) female, but…yes,  it’s true that a black female comes to mind. NOT the Michelle Obama-esque female. The type of female you see in corner deli’s wearing what should only be seen in her apartment, her hair is a mess (or wrapped), and her kids are watching her fight with another “hoodrat” over anything from the dude that’s NOT raising her kids or the last bag of Flaming Hot Cheetos. Close enough right?

A “hoodrat” has lost all respect for herself. Her ignorance won’t allow her to better herself. She sleeps around with various men hoping to one day feel loved again. And she is usually loud because she really is crying out for help. All that and more, is the “hoodrat”.

Now, I’m really not here to offend anybody. So I’ll make something clear; the term “hoodrat” was derived from promiscuous women living where? IN THE ‘HOOD! And the dominate races of women living in the ‘hood are black and Hispanic women. That’s why the term is largely related to black and Hispanic women. For white women, the term “trailer trash” or “white trash” is used. Thus, the white “hoodrat” is the “white trash”.

Okay, enough with the racial slurs because it’s not me. I apologize to all I’ve offended. But in my defense, “society” handed out the name tags…

    • MelG
    • February 8th, 2010

    That was alot to read but it was real talk. thanks for that jamel.

    • Mz Jazzie e
    • February 8th, 2010

    I really like you’re writing style, it pulls the reader in and before the post is over we learn something.
    Why hoodrats is usually a term for black women i will never know. Im black and the term doesnt offend me cuz i know who i am. ive seen white hoodrats, mexican hoodrats etc etc etc. its these websites dedicated to bringin black women down that doesnt help.

    • Screwed Priorities
    • February 8th, 2010

    I’ve seen some women who befits what the description well.

    • googlemesweetee
    • February 18th, 2010

    First of all, society didn’t begin labeling Black women as hoodrats. The Black community must take credit for that witty invention. Next, I find it quite interesting that there are a plethora of words to describe, demean, demonize Black women whose character is found wanting, but there are very few for men and women of other races. How can the same person who criticized Hart for labeling dark-skinned Black women as broke whores {hoes}, be the same person who comes back and states that the term hoodrat applies exclusively to Hispanic and Black women? On behalf of all Black and Hispanic women, rich and poor, dark or fair, I say “Grow Up.”

      • Anonymous
      • April 15th, 2011

      omg really? just let him freakin speak

      • Anonymous
      • October 6th, 2011

      You must be a hoodrat. What he hit a nerve

    • Soft As Silk
    • February 19th, 2010

    On behalf of all Black and Hispanic women, rich and poor, dark or fair, I say “Grow Up.”

    Not sure what this statement really means, but there is truth in it. I would have to say that most Black/Latinas and some other race women have been born and breed in a community that confirms that being a “hoodrat” or anything else that equates to being a “hoodrat” is the norm. Other desriptions or definitions are (in their minds) unattainable. So, the question could be what is defined as a hoodrat” or we can simply find ways to combat such ignorance and intergrate ways of uplifting & inspiring these lost or ill-guided women. Love all my sistas in the struggle because this is what it is….

      • Soft As Silk
      • February 19th, 2010

      Sorry, integrate

    • mami_hermosisima
    • February 27th, 2010

    omg, i actually found this funny, nowhere near informative or offensive, i’m black and puerto rican…but i dnt even come close to falling in tha ‘category’. i think its dumb to try to classify any and all women jus because of their race and where they were raised..a woman is a woman as a man is a man…where one comes from shouldn’t define them, the that person and their characteristics should…

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  2. oohh snappp shee bakennn

  3. ndd byy theee wayy ndd gett ur factss strighttt


    • Anonymous
    • October 9th, 2011

    that is nothing close to what a hood rat is hood rats are usally mexican women only a half of the time they are black

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