“Pants on the Ground” A Racist Song!?!?

I’m pretty sure we’ve all heard “Pants on the Ground” made by General Larry Platt…

The song itself makes a good point–PULL YA DAMN PANTS UP!!! But his quick rise to fame and his performances has received mix reactions. While many people feel he’s doing his thing and having fun while proving a point, others feel he’s an embarrassment to…black people.

And so the race card was pulled once again…by black people.

I remember Tyrese (Yes, the actor and singer) once tweeted on Twitter:

“Saggin’ is niggaS backwards. We gotta do better brothers”.

While that tweet was well received–and became a trending topic–why must we always pull the race card on ourselves? I’m pretty sure we’re not the only ones that sag. Yes, we’ve all been in the hood and seen ignorant saggers who’s only imitating what they see and have no idea of the origin of sagging, but I’m pretty sure sagging isn’t exclusive to our race.

Here are some of the comments I’ve read around the ‘Net:

– It’s very easy to understand why he is singing this homemade song. He is singing about the Thug fucking N*ggers that walk around with their pants hanging down so lets talk about that. It’s the fucking n*ggers!!! -Via YouTube

– Young women need to take a stand and refuse to give any fool that sags the time or day. Then the fools will be left with just each other with the easy access since their pants are on the ground!
I HATE THATLOOK! (You hear that ladies?) -Via CBS News

– I hate to see boys and grown men with sagging pants…..that’s not a good look….If a man tries to get my attention and his pants are sagging, I just look the other way…… -Via NJ

–  I dont have a problem with black people or any minority…but n*ggers are black people that think they’re gangsta and have their pants on the ground…NOT ALL BLACK PEOPLE ARE N*GGERS! (Wow…and you hear how he says “or any minority”? *smh*) -Via YouTube

–  (Couldn’t have said it better than this guy!) When somebody in the penn was “the b*tch”, they wasn’t allowed to have a belt and they would walk around with their pants hangin’ and ass stickin out. After a while, it was to let others know that they were “bottom” and used to lure “tops”. When these b*tches finished their sentences and were released, they would come back to the hood. And if you know anything about American pop culture, then you know what happened next… Who do the “baby gangtas” always want to impersonate? EX CONS! (Well said!) -Via YouTube

Seems like we aren’t the only ones who think saggin’ is exclusive to our race. I guess that’s probably why we pulled the race card so fast and felt humiliated by the song…


That’s just it!

We gotta STOP pulling the race card and see the BIGGER picture…

The song was MEANT to humiliate those that do it, regardless of race.

So if you felt humiliated, the song did it’s purpose. From one black man to another, we’ve GOT to do better…

    • MelG
    • February 1st, 2010

    Why is race always being brought up unnecessarily? It shows that we’ll never get past it…

    • Mz Jazzie e
    • February 1st, 2010

    I HATE when I see our brothers do this but what can we do? They do make us look bad and I agree with one of the comments above about guys tryna holla it me wit they pants on the ground.

    • Heiress
    • February 5th, 2010

    It’s the truth. I’ve seen hispanic and white boys do it too. It’s filthy if you ask me. And a man with his pants on the ground does not have any money in them pockets.

    • DG
    • April 10th, 2011

    That’s just it!

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