Brandy Speaks On Danger Putting Ray J On Blast!!!

As reported on various websites first (#shoutout to and other media sites), I’ve learned that Monica “Danger” Leon put Ray J on blast!

Video here:

Danger putting Ray J on blast caused his sister Brandy to speak out:

Here’s what she tweeted:

It reads:

– I need for Danger to watch her tongue!!! To say my brother is gay because he didn’t return her calls is DUMB.. Go get Help!!!#bestadvice

– Yall know I don’t feed into negativity but I have a soft spot for Ray J…

Wow… can you say drama?! But that’s not all; many people suspect Danger is mentally ill. WELL, SHE claims that she’s an ACTRESS and “all the ‘Danger’ stuff is FAKE!!” She claims that’s she actually a very brilliant woman and she’ll continue to put Ray J on BLAST until he gives her the “paper” he owes her for the t-shirts Ray J put out in her name labeled “She Smashed Da Homies”.

Video here:

Danger also blames Ray J for ruining her image and making her look mentally sick. A few days ago he spoke out on it.

Video here:

Ray J you know damn well you low-key putting Danger on BLAST! If you listen to the interview, it seems that he’s mocking what she’s going through.

What a mess!!

  1. damn!!! she has ugly ass eyes!!

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