Personal Meeting for the First Time in Years

Today, I wanna talk to y’all about something…

Remember in my “We Off That” #7 post? I mentioned that I had a friend who I lost to the “thug life” (When I say “lost”, I meant as a friend). Well, yesterday, he invited me and some other homies over to his place. Now, of course my boys and I grew suspicious, I mean, it’s been two years and all of a sudden he wants to invite us to his place? We got to his place and the smell of weed was overwhelming. Girls were there and Young Money was on the stereo. Now, with all the girls and weed there, the stereotypical “black man” would love this right? My friends and I are everything but the stereotypical black man. We enjoy reading manga and watching anime. We enjoy going to the club or bar to order lemonade. We enjoy playing video games on a rainy day. Most importantly, we enjoy being ourselves. Isn’t that what it’s all about?

As I watched my former best friend roll up a blunt, I couldn’t help but remember the first time I met him and watching him “professionally” do what he did, made it seem like forever ago.

The reason he called us over was to tell us he’s moving this month because if he stays where he is, it won’t be long before he falls victim to the type of lifestyle he chose to live. I guess the fact that he called us over to let us know showed a sign that he still value our once strong friendship…right?

After he moves, I may never see him again, but it’s been two years since I saw him before yesterday so that should be easy right? Not so much–after the weed smoke cleared and all the girls and guys were gone, he was the same person I met years back. To have an old friend back for a few hours made it seem like he never left and sometime this month, he’ll be gone permanently.


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