Young Black Men–The New Face of Terror?

Thanks to this fool, life as a young black man just got tougher…

Being a young black man myself, I know that racial profiling still plays a role in everyday life; I can’t go into a corner store to buy a bottle of water without being watched from the time I entered to the time I exit. I can’t visit my friends without cops stopping me and frisking me for drugs while the people doing and selling drugs are at peace. It sucks. And just when you think it can’t get any worse, we become the new face of terrorism…

Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab (We gon’ call him Ufa because I am NOT typing that out again) somehow made his way onto a plane on Christmas day with a homemade bomb in his pants. HOW HE MADE IT PAST “SECURITY” with a bomb sewn to his crotch is beyond me!! But even before it came to Ufa’s search, Homeland Security failed to question the status of his trip–A guy traveling from Africa with a one-way ticket purchased with cash and has no baggage to check…WHY!? We rely way too much on technology and not enough on intuition. Now the lives of frequent flyers and young black men (as if we didn’t ALREADY have it rough) will change for the worse–yet again because people fail to use good ol’ common sense.


    • Sena
    • August 5th, 2011

    That makes no sense…. How did he get passed that??? Well I guess the security has been up’d now but still. And trust me, living in Edmonton my small school had one black kid and when we got some new kids in everyone followed these new kids in torturing him because he was black… except for me. My “friends” hated him, but I became friends with him. To this day I won’t offend anyone’s race.

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