The Public Proved It: You DON’T Need Talent to be Successful

Seems that ’09 was a year for the talentless to shine…

Luckily for everyone involved in the Twilight Saga movies, there are a lot of 13-year-old girls who wants to make out with vampires. “New Moon” was definitely the hottest movie of the year. With it’s bland love story, confusing plot and bad acting, you have to give it to the cast for breaking the midnight screening record… Great job guys. Great job.

Megan Fox was voted worst actress of the year in a recent poll (ouch!) but at least she was voted the sexiest! Isn’t that what counts in Hollywood nowadays? You don’t need talent as long as you got the looks right?

It’s a shame Hollywood can’t see more great examples like Susan Boyle. This talent is REAL!

…Happy New Year.

  1. I just wrote a book on this topic of not needing talent. Titled: “You don’t need Talent to Succeed, but Everything else Counts”. Would love to hear back from you.

    Available on Amazon:

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