12 Days of “We Off That” #2 “President Barack Obama”

It’s been almost a year since Barack Obama became the 44th President of the United States…

Change and hope. These words are Obama’s motto. You know, usually when you have a motto, you live by it. The only change I see is a black family in the White House. And what exactly have we been hoping for the past year this man has been President? For the war to end? For the recession to subdue? For Ja Rule to make a comeback?

Obama promised to send our troops home once he became President and he held onto that promise by sending 30,000 more friends and family members to die (a personal friend of mine will be going out in March); broken promise among many. I guess he’s doing what politicians do to get where they are; say what they want to the people until they get where they want to be.

You wanna know what makes things worse? The broken promises, the failing economy, more troops being sent out to die all while ignorant people are shouting “My President is black!”

…Too bad that’s all he is…

    • Anonymous
    • December 29th, 2009

    fuck dat Barack came into this when it was already fuck up by our last president fucking assholes

    • Anonymous
    • December 29th, 2009

    it’s funny how some people think that Obama can come and fix a shitload of stuff in one year knowing that it took Bush 8 years to f*ck it up. the war will not abruptly stop. who actually thought it was going to end that quick after he got into office?

    • Anonymous
    • December 29th, 2009

    politicians will be politicians but give it a chance Rome was not built in one day and certainly not a year, Barack is being scrutinized more than any other president simply for the fact that he is black but we were in crisis before he got in office and we gotta give him a chance but all in all no one can take away how extraordinary and historical his impact has been

    • LadyDee
    • December 30th, 2009

    He did NOT say tha the troops come home the day he steps in office….the troops are actually comng home much sooner than expected. You all who think troops can just pick up and leave the day someone takes office, amuse me, plus he NEVER said that. He said he will bring them home and he is much sooner than expected. Actually, I see him working on his promises, not against them. Read these bills before you try to sway young minds; Read the bills before you believe what the papers say.

    • MDaniel
    • January 4th, 2010

    Thanks LadyDee for your response, at least someone out there reads the news. If the American people would let go of the mindset ” I want it now right now”, we would get a lot further faster.

    • I’m THAT Chick
    • January 8th, 2010

    @ other comments- I agree. People expected him to be a miracle worker. Just like the 2nd commenter said, it took 8 years for Bush to screw everything up, but of course those same people who backed him feel like if Barack didn’t fix everything the moment he was sworn in, he’s a failure. People need to at least give the man a chance; it’s like he walked on the scene of a 20 car pile up and everyone expects him to get everyone out and haul away the mess (by himself) in an hour.

  1. You wanna know what makes things worse?

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