12 Days of “We Off That”: #6 Homewrecking, Gold Digging. etc…

Ladies, this post is for (some) of you…

Almost every girl I know have told me on more than one occasion that women are evil. They say that they know because they know how women think (although it takes one to know one *smh*). I don’t believe that all women are evil but I do know that they will do whatever to get their desires, whether that be life goals or STEALIN’ ANOTHER CHICKS MAN!!! These are the homewreckers. They don’t care about breaking a family apart; they only want what they see and proving a point while doing so is icing on the cake. Hopefully, this will end next year.

Gold diggers. They prey on the laboring man for luxury and money without a care in the world. They are just as heartless as homewreckers or maybe even more so. Women are doing their own things now and looking good doing it. So to the gold diggers–we off that!

Some womens definition of a relationship lacks BEING HAPPY! This is something that I never did understand and never will. The girl bears the mans child, raises it without help, gets beat on, used for sex, gets disrespected, etc, etc etc. and they just DON’T WANT OUT OF THE RELATIONSHIP! These women are insecure; one of the biggest problems with women today! If you’re feeling insecure, 9 times out of 10, you shouldn’t be. Us guys aren’t looking for that “perfect woman” anyway because what makes her desirable includes her imperfections. You deserve better and you know damn well you do.

Make 201o your year.

    • LadyDee
    • December 30th, 2009

    The man allows himself to be “stolen” and people are evil in general (not all). If the man is not committed to a woman theres no such thing as him being “stolen” by someone else. And ladies, you labeling him as your boyfriend does not mean he’s committed. When you two discuss marriage and start making lifelong plans and he presents a ring, he’s committing himself to you, otherwise he is completely single and so are you.

    • LadyDee
    • December 30th, 2009

    As for “gold-digging” everyone seems to have a different definition of what it is. Yours seems pretty good IMO.

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