Sean Bell Gets His “Way”

A Queens street is being named after police-shooting victim Sean Bell…

And rightfully so; he deserves it! Although several legislators said he wasn’t worthy of an honor often bestowed on cops killed in the line of duty. So I guess only dead cops are relevant enough to be honored in their name, not innocents MURDERED by cops.

Here’s what one City Councilman said:

“A City Council that places a man who nearly ran over police officers in the same category as heroes who risk their lives for us all every day needs to no longer have the authority to do street renamings.”

Another said:

“It’s a despicable position we’re in. There’s nothing about [Bell’s death] that reflects positively on the city. He’s a criminal. He was driving drunk.”

Damn. The officers that killed him were ACQUITTED and they can’t even accept the man’s name living on in the streets he was murdered in?!  You can’t win with these people!

But whatever, Sean Bell got his “way” this time–The street will be called Sean Bell Way. Congrats to all that made it possible.

    • MelG
    • December 23rd, 2009

    Those people are selfish! SMH

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