Elin’s Big Decision

The most famous cheated on wife in the world–Elin Nordegren, is finding herself with a decision that shouldn’t take much thought at all…

Elin, a child of divorced parents, is finding it difficult to make the decision to divorce her philandering husband, Tiger Woods. Why is this a difficult decision? I don’t know. I understand that she doesn’t want to put her children through the same childhood experience as she, but this isn’t her fault in the least! Tiger severely ruined your marriage and your life…not to mention your kids’ lives and his own (…damn). Can you honestly ever be happy with him again Elin? Did you not read his alleged text messages that he sent to his hoes mistresses? Did you not see the one where he questioned his marriage? He’s going to cheat on you again Elin. You know damn well he is. I know that you’re trying to give your kids the life you didn’t live but marriages fail sometimes for a reason–think about why you are thinking about leaving him. It shouldn’t be long now…

    • chynna77
    • December 21st, 2009

    u could be going somewhere with this site keep up the good work !!!!!!

    • Trish
    • December 23rd, 2009

    Can we stop talking about these two now?

  1. It shouldn’t be long now…

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