Finding “Graffiti”

Finding Chris Browns’ latest album “Graffiti” wasn’t that hard to find in a city as big as New York. At the same time, it wasn’t as easy to find as others…

I don’t have much of an opinion about whether it’s right or wrong for retailers to “blackball” Chris’ CD, but I do have some words for Chris.

You’re still proving to the public that you don’t realize the extent of your actions. Yes, it happened almost a year ago but if this is how the public reacts to your actions, you have to accept that. That is, at least until you do something about it! When you went off on Twitter (which was another mistake) you asked “what the f*ck do i gotta do…” If you gotta ask that, then you’ve made it very clear that you weren’t ready for the consequences of your actions. Don’t ask us what you gotta do. You yourself said as a man, you want to face the consequences of your actions. Well here it is! The public’s reaction is a part of your consequences! When you find a way to redeem yourself to the public, that’s when you know that you’ve been successful in facing your consequences. Stop whining and redeem yourself!

You know, going off on Twitter was damaging in more ways than one. You gave fans great insight on how angry you can get. So for doing that Chris, you are a dummy (mechanical or not). The bottom line Chris: You f*cked up. You know damn well you did. But as bad as you messed up, redeeming yourself should be much more rewarding in the end if ever you succeed in doing so.

    • CB4ever
    • December 19th, 2009

    i still love chris and i will support him everybody deserves chances

    • Paula b.
    • December 19th, 2009

    U make a very good point. wow it’s been almost a year now!

    • Dee
    • December 19th, 2009

    i didn’t have a problem finding it. I bought it when it came out. the cd is nice its a shame they are not stocking it.

    • tasheika chatman
    • December 20th, 2009

    The only thing I have 2 say is Chris Brown have a lot of growing up 2 do

    • Love_Trinity
    • December 20th, 2009

    Chris went to one store,and assume they Walmart wasn’t carrying his CD (why he assume that, I do not know. He’s not R Kelly) He didn’t ask the store manger,he didn’t go to another store,and he didn’t beat on a white girl . (if he did he would be in jail,and no store would carry his music) Chris over reacted,and showed how immature he could be by going off on twitter. Chris Brown needs to grow up!

  1. You know, going off on Twitter was damaging in more ways than one.

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